Non-Committal: Job Edition

Are there any other students (high school or university) that has trouble with the prospect of committing to a job whilst studying in school????????

Hi friends,

That was seven thousand too many question marks…sorry. In all realness and honesty though, I want a job. Do I?? Or do I just want money? Probably the latter because let’s be real, who doesn’t want money, but am I emotionally ready to give up 6+ hours of my time on a given day in order to get that money? I’m thankful that I’m in a position where I don’t have an immediate necessity for that money other than for personal material desires and not to pay phone bills or car insurance or rent or any of those things that come with adulthood. It’s not as if I’m not capable of working a job because I know I am as I have done work…but my extent of work is week long piano/voice camps and devoting my school time to hard work in my choir program. Nothing too extreme…but is a part-time job even extreme?!?!? No!!! But I can’t push myself to do it!! Every summer since I turned 16 (which was actually about 10 months later since my birthday is right after summer ends….bummer) I have compiled job applications and filled them out (mostly) and yet NEVER submitted them! I’m almost positive that I have probably just put them off with an excuse of being too young (or I just always did that stuff too late, I don’t remember quite well).

Is it because I subconsciously think that school should come first? Have my parents instilled some type of fear in my system that I don’t quite know about because I’ve never had to pay mind to it?? Maybe I’m too focused and determined for my future job (let’s hope I’m teaching music!) that I don’t think I should commit myself to any other type of job because if you look at my past job(s)….I’m teaching music! I’ve wanted to babysit but since I don’t know anyone under the age of 14 and practically everyone’s parents are much more trusting and lenient than mine were (..are?) none of them need babysitters and my parents don’t even have friends with children young enough for babysitting, I’m a bit shit out of luck there. I also want to teach piano lessons but apparently my mom doesn’t want me giving lessons at my piano in our house…. yep. I’ve tried approaching some of my students from when I did student option last year but most of them are busy with the school musical so if I have any prospect there I have to wait at least another month.

So in my head I’ve concocted that I could do freelance jobs!!!!!!……”like what,” she says an afterthought. If I could get paid for writing blog posts that’d be GREAT, but not all of us are Zoella or Tanya Burr, are we? I’d love to get sent free stuff or sent to cool places and have to write posts about them but again, we’re not all that lucky.

Years ago when I first started arranging music, I thought to myself, “Wow! If I keep this up, I could sell my arrangements for extra money!” To be honest, I still think I could, but again, I have been so noncommittal with them lately and just have a bunch of unfinished arrangements. I don’t know what it is, but it’s becoming frustrated.

Am I just meant to be a student for the rest of my life? Who knows?! I don’t!! Please, if anyone could shed some light on this issue, I would really appreciate any advice (so long as it’s positive…which all of you have been so far but you never know when a bad seed might appear y’know?)

13 February 2016


University Update

Hi friends,

So I had a break of 3 hours and 40 minutes between my microeconomics class and my calculus class and I was supposed to be working on my expository writing essay due tomorrow, but alas. I left my rough draft at home. And I have no updated draft with corrections on my person or computer. So I’ve sat trying to do other work that I would need to do eventually but I’ve finished those now. There is literally no more work that I can possibly do right at this moment. Except that essay. That I don’t have. Aren’t life and university so lovely?! It’s not as if I can’t go home and get it, I could, but then why wouldn’t I just stay home and finish it there instead of going back to school. In other words, I’m just really lazy to commute back and attempt to find parking spaces. Therefore, I will have to deal.

That paragraph above was just a pointless rant about my fabricated problems. College is fine nonetheless. I’m adjusting pretty well y’know, classes, commutes, long walks between classes, breaks between classes, the occasional three hour class every Wednesday from 11:30pm to 2:30 pm. I’ve got to say that it’s definitely a better situation than high school—it’s a lot more free, and requires a lot more of you as a student. When I say it requires more of you, I mean that you have to manage yourself, you have to manage when you do things, and you have to manage whether or not you know the material for your exams. In high school, you get homework everyday because it helps reinforce the topic and even though it’s tedious, it’s doing the studying for you. For me personally, doing homework and doing problems were the things that taught me the lesson. I didn’t have to do too much studying unless it wasn’t emphasized in the homework assignments. In college, you have a set of homework for the chapter to do over time, and on your own time. Although they highlight important things and important topics, you are the force behind your own studies. I’m usually an independent person so it works well for me, but my homework doesn’t continually reinforce topics so I will have to find a better studying habit.

Extracurriculars are difficult. A lot of clubs meet late at night, and I don’t know if any of you know this about me but I do not enjoy being out at night or the late night. I don’t like the uncertainty of the darkness, or the lateness of the time, or anything about it. It makes complete sense to me why a lot of clubs meet so late, because obviously it just fits easier with people’s schedules and everyone is out of class, but when you commute, it’s so difficult! Granted I live 10 minutes away from my designated parking area for my college, but if I lived in say, Secaucus, that’s about 45 minutes to 1 hour away! So not only would I get home even later, I’m already tired because it’s so late for me. It’s easier for people to dorm to stay up until 2 or 4am but commuting doesn’t accommodate that. So I don’t really get to do the extracurriculars I want (which is only about 2 things in addition to what I already do), which is kind of disappointing but I guess you have to give up one for the other. I am in our school’s all-women choir which is fun! I love it, but it is difficult to make other friends y’know. Adjustments.

I’ve killed about 15 minutes writing this so far, only 1 hour 20 minutes left until my next class haha. But yeah, college is alright. It’s different, there are both positives and negatives but I don’t mind it.

I think my main problem right now is just that I’m in a point of my life where I don’t want to be in school anymore, but I think that also just goes in hand with the fact that I’m not studying what I want. (Still really scared about auditioning again—haven’t even gotten a voice teacher which is even scarier but that’s also due to lack of payments for lessons). So maybe if I get into Mason Gross it’ll be an easier time, but we’ll see. Definitely harder work and less time for me, but I’ll be happier with what I’m doing I suppose.

I’m really sorry that blog posts aren’t consistent anymore but I did address this a month or two ago and I will try to knock out some new posts over my free time! Magnus Chase is coming out today so look forward for that review! I’m so excited to read it! I’ll also be reading Username: Evie which is a graphic novel by Joe Sugg, so I’ll have that up as well.

Thanks for sticking around friends 🙂

6 October 2015

Aldo Hatchet Bag

Hi friends!

My aunt gave me this purse for my birthday and I thought I’d share with you how great it is! I’ve actually gotten compliments from classmates at college! People I have never met in my life, who happen to sit next to me in class compliment the purse, so I suppose it needs some sharing.

I have been using this purse for uni because it happens to be the perfect size for my laptop (MacBook Air 11″) and whatever other junk I bring to school. It’s navy with white stripes and brown trim/handles. It’s a tiny bit heavier than most high end brands (i.e. Michael Kors) but who has that money? Not me — and it’s not as if it’s handicapping me or busting my shoulder. It’s a bearable purse weight and the only thing making it heavy are my laptop and books. The inside has a total of five pockets — in the front there are two about the size of my iPhone 5S and one for a pen or pencil; in the back there is a zip pocket as well as an open pocket on top of it about the size of a 6Plus? I’ve only encountered a 6Plus about three times in my life so I could be wrong, but a 6 will definitely fit. I also didn’t know exactly how to express the measurements so this is the most rational way I thought of, haha! Please excuse my subpar ability to describe the pockets.

I would take pictures of my purse but I’ll just attach the website photo and links. It comes in various colors and designs and they also have a white and black polka dot pattern that I really like that’s 50% off! So I’ll attach a picture and link of that one as well.

Aldo HATCHET Shoulder Bag in NAVY – $40.00

aldo bag navy/white

Aldo HATCHET Shoulder Bag in WHITE / BLACK – $20.00 (50% off!)

aldo bag white/black

September 9 2015

College Schedules Are Fun!

Hi friends,

Let me tell you straight up, COLLEGE SCHEDULES ARE NOT FUN. Okay, in the long run it isn’t a complete lie because college schedules are indeed, quite exciting. I received my first fall semester schedule yesterday and I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty pleased with it! My earliest class is at 10:55am but the downside is that my latest class is 7:20pm… That does not make Hannah a very happy camper. At all. Unfortunately for me, freshman are not allowed to participate in the Add/Drop period until the second day of school and by looking at the Facebook page…I think it’s safe to assume that majority of those people will be trying to fix something. I’ve found an open class that I can switch into but sadly for me, I can only get in through special request. I could quite possibly have special request if I get into a certain choir because it’s rehearsals conflict with that class then I can maybe get put in, but if I don’t play my cards right I may have to get an 8am or 9am class. In retrospect, that isn’t really that bad as my high school required us having 7:15am classes so anything is a welcome change from that but still y’know? We’ll see how that goes.

I was supposed to write a book review for Strength In What Remains by Tracy Kidder for today but I did not exactly finish reading that. Haha. I’m in the honors program here at Rutgers so they required us to read this book and participate in an online blog/forum and even though I didn’t finish, I found myself able to participate with the minimum amount of comments I had to add (ah yes, look at the overachiever that I am!). As many lazy people do, I decided not to finish the book as it wasn’t really my cup of tea. But I figure some of you are sick of so many book reviews (I’m sorry, I was on a roll!) I haven’t even written my reviews for Unsouled and Undivided! I loved those book so much, Unwind has probably been one of the best series that I’ve read in a long time. So hopefully I’ll get that back up and running before I get too consumed with class!

Thanks for keeping up friends! Let’s try and get those view counts consistent 😉

See you all next Monday!

August 21 2015