I’m Dreaming… of a Silver Christmas

Good evening internet!

I am a horrible blogger and I apologize greatly because I had a post set up and it was all typed up and done and ready for the queue but I was missing pictures and never got around to getting them to the post so that post is a month late! ūüė¶ Hopefully you will see it this Wednesday though!

Moving on, I decided to get a couple posts together for you guys as a Christmas gift and this is one of them (assuming I stick to it. I really do apologize though, this is prime time for a choir kid due to our winter concert coming up and all the Christmas performances so I’m really busy and not to mention college stuff arghhh!) So my mom is really weird and has 3 (artificial) Christmas trees; one is 7 feet I believe, the other is 6 feet and the last one is either 5 or 6 feet, but thankfully she only put up the 7 and 6 feet ones this year. The theme for the 6 feet tree is pretty much just silver silver silver (and a random old invitation from my 1st birthday, don’t ask) so I’ll leave those pictures below. Maybe it’ll inspire your Christmas tree decor! Unless you already have it up, ours have been up since Thanksgiving, haha!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4


photo 3 photo 5

Most of, if not all, the ornaments are from Target (minus the little baby boots and the 1st birthday invitation haha). Target is life basically, I go there almost every week.

I really hope you enjoy these photos and can appreciate that Hannah is a busy girl! Dx Sorry that it isn’t the most exciting post of all, but I have many more planned and I’m compiling my list for December Favorites yay! I promise that another post will be coming sometime this week and hopefully next Saturday!

Until next time internet!

Hannah ‚̧