Review: Bobbi Brown Lip Color

Hi friends!

My aunt gave me this lipstick for Christmas, well more I was with her in Sephora and looking at it so she bought it for my gift but I still got it for Christmas! It took me probably 12 different swatches to decide which color I wanted (this is among different brand though, not just Bobbi Brown) and I ended up choosing it in 32 Rum Raisin.

The packaging is GORGEOUS. I partly chose this lipstick for it’s look and it’s brand name, since I’ve never really had a more high end lipstick. I don’t even own an M.A.C. lipsticks! Not sure if I’ve made a blog post about them, but I’ve only used Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and 08 (I think it’s 08, I don’t have it on me right now, ah!) which are great, but I needed to branch out a bit, y’know. On me, it’s a lighter than I thought it would be after swatching it which you can see below. Maybe I just didn’t put on enough on my lips, but it definitely looks darker on both the stick, the swatch, and on the website.

It’s pretty creamy upon first application with good pigmentation in my opinion, it definitely settles a little drier, not drying though–difference there. I don’t know that this is supposed to be a matte formula?? (I’m checking right now). Ah, okay, yes so I’m looking at the website now and it is described to be a creamy, semi-matte (yay Hannah! look at you with your make-up knowledge). But yes, referring back to what I said about it being lighter on me, I believe it’s one of those lipsticks that you can layer on and it will look alright with each layer. It isn’t moisturizing though, so put your chapstick or lip balm or whatever under before you apply it! Great value for my money (or my aunt’s money) if I do say so myself.

Recommend lip products below! I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

8 January 2016