Exploring Somerville, New Jersey

Hi friends!!

Today I made the extra difficult task of making plans to hang out with my friend, Sabrina! I’m not say that it’s hard to hang out with her, but if you’re a person who finds it difficult to find the courage in yourself to hang out with other people or just go out of your way to make plans with others, then you understand my problems haha. This summer I’ve been trying extra hard to get myself more comfortable in these types of situations—don’t get me wrong, I’m often alright when it comes to hanging out with people, at least one-on-one (I struggle with group interaction still)—but it’s sort of the lead up to hanging out. I almost wanted to just reschedule because we couldn’t decide what to do and all my fear alerts were just going off (LOL sorry Sabrina if you read this!) but I pushed myself through anyway and we ended up having a good time exploring!

So these are some of my best photos of the day, I hope you’ll pull yourself off that computer and find the gems in your area! Also keep in mind that none of these photos have been edited, I haven’t put the raw images through photoshop, I just took the JPEGs (nobody judge me LOL). I recognize that your shot can look so much better with much more work put into them because obviously hard work pays off, but sometimes I’m still astounded by the color in some photos, as well as the lack thereof. Sometimes the photo looks really gray and I think that’s kind of cool! In the future I’ll learn how to do the photography thing better, but for now…


P.S. I’m really picky so that’s why there’s only like 6 photos LOL. I’ll take 40 photos and only be satisfied with 6, it happens so much!

23 June 2016



Searching the Everyday

Sometimes you try to find something in the mundane, the things you sometimes see everyday — only sometimes of course, because when it’s constantly there and unchanging, you tend not to notice it.


25 May 2016

East Jersey Olde Towne Village

Now that the school year is over, I have found myself in possession of A LOT more free time. One day I texted up my friend and made her come take some pictures with me at the East Jersey Olde Towne Village in Piscataway, NJ. It isn’t an actual village that people live in, don’t worry. It’s more like an old historical site for tours and stuff, but obviously we went after hours. So here are my photos!! Please don’t take them and claim that as yours 😦 I mean, that’s assuming they’re any good hahaha


P.S. this last one is just for laughs, haha. she was taking a picture of the tree so I took one of her AND the tree!

15 May 2015