Harry Potter World!!

Hello friends!

I realize that I am two posts behind. Friday the 15th was busy because it was the day before my plane ride back home from Florida, and the day after was exhausting. Then this past Friday the 22nd, blizzard time for the East Coast!! My internet was on the frizz so even though it’s still going on now…let’s attempt to post this anyway.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is probably the highlight of Universal Studios…okay not probably, it is the highlight. I would walk through the rest of the park and see a normal crowd of people but once you hit HP, dear god!! So many people!! But you know what, I didn’t even care all that much because you know that no one’s really there for the crowd, everyone is there to experience this little world based on a few books Jo Rowling wrote. It was incredible and since I went surrounding the death of the beloved Alan Rickman, everyone was so thoughtful about the current situation and it was just great. I’ll stop talking about my sappy feelings and include my pictures–

23 January 2016

P.S. there will be a post for all my Disney World photos.


1 Week Until Disney World

8 April 2015


Hi all!

This is just a quick update for all of you: in one week’s time I will be on a coach bus to Disney World! My school’s band, color guard and choir are driving down to Disney for a competition (but mostly just to enjoy the parks)! Hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff to tell you guys about. I won’t be bringing a big fancy camera for fear of losing or breaking it (also I don’t want to bring a big bag and have to carry it and bring it through bag check. ewwy) so there probably won’t be any professional photos, not that I am a professional photographer. But I am assuming you know what I mean. Anyways, so excited!! Disney’s about to gain lots and lots of revenue from me (that’s assuming I am a rich student. I am not a rich student. BUT THEY WILL GET MONEY!)

If you’d like, follow my school’s choir Twitter and my school’s marching band/color guard Twitter! @PwayHSChoir and @PHSsuperchiefs

See you all in my next update!