Exploring Somerville, New Jersey

Hi friends!!

Today I made the extra difficult task of making plans to hang out with my friend, Sabrina! I’m not say that it’s hard to hang out with her, but if you’re a person who finds it difficult to find the courage in yourself to hang out with other people or just go out of your way to make plans with others, then you understand my problems haha. This summer I’ve been trying extra hard to get myself more comfortable in these types of situations—don’t get me wrong, I’m often alright when it comes to hanging out with people, at least one-on-one (I struggle with group interaction still)—but it’s sort of the lead up to hanging out. I almost wanted to just reschedule because we couldn’t decide what to do and all my fear alerts were just going off (LOL sorry Sabrina if you read this!) but I pushed myself through anyway and we ended up having a good time exploring!

So these are some of my best photos of the day, I hope you’ll pull yourself off that computer and find the gems in your area! Also keep in mind that none of these photos have been edited, I haven’t put the raw images through photoshop, I just took the JPEGs (nobody judge me LOL). I recognize that your shot can look so much better with much more work put into them because obviously hard work pays off, but sometimes I’m still astounded by the color in some photos, as well as the lack thereof. Sometimes the photo looks really gray and I think that’s kind of cool! In the future I’ll learn how to do the photography thing better, but for now…


P.S. I’m really picky so that’s why there’s only like 6 photos LOL. I’ll take 40 photos and only be satisfied with 6, it happens so much!

23 June 2016



Searching for Japanese Pen Pal!!

Hey friends!

If it isn’t made evident by the title, I am on the look out for a Japanese-speaking pen pal (sorry if you were actually just part Japanese and assumed I was actually looking for a pen pal to talk to of Japanese descent LOL, this isn’t the case). Anyways, why am I searching?? Because I’m currently trying to learn Japanese as of the last two weeks!! I actually tried learning back when I was 10 years old which was many years ago, but somehow I’ve still retained some of my knowledge so it feels a little easier this time. I’m starting off very basic though and first trying to learn Kana and just be able to read (and speak but that’s part of my retained knowledge, I just need to practice reading fluidly)! I am learning some vocabulary at the same time but I’m making reading and writing my priority. Now I know some people will think that I shouldn’t take the time to learn how to write since we have such great technology at our hands but I personally think it could help solidify my memory and plus, I still hand-write, like, everything!!

But enough of that, I’m hoping to make a new friend who is a native Japanese speaker to help me learn the nuances and colloquialisms of modern Japanese rather than sticking to the formal books y’know?

I know this is isn’t a normal blog post and probably more like an advertisement haha but I thought I would try anyway! So if anyone is willing to take on a poor little Filipino-American girl who speaks only English, elementary French, and half-understands Tagalog (awkward), please leave me a comment below telling me about yourself and stuff! If you happen to be a Japanese person who wants to learn English, I really would not mind helping you out with English either! I will try to find a way to contact you and hopefully we can get this show on the road!

Thank you so much!! ありがとうございます!

If no one answers this will be a little awkward and I will probably delete this post out of shame….LOL

19 June 2015