Disney World: Epcot!!

Hi friends!!

It’s Friday yet again and I miss Disney so much 😦 College life is going on as normal unfortunately, but the memory of these photos live on (that sounded really cheesy didn’t it?) Thankfully I had already gone to Disney World with my high school music program in April of 2015, so I knew exactly what I wanted to see and where I wanted to go! There are so many pictures that it’s hard to pick a few but hopefully I can make you feel like I actually went to these countries and not just Epcot!

I threw in a picture of me and the bae….MAX!! Baymax is a brand new addition to Epcot (thank god!) and they’re going to expand his little photo area to a whole San Fransokyo, it’s going to be great! Sorry it’s not as many photos as Harry Potter World but I am ready to impress for Magic Kingdom (I haven’t actually looked at the photos in awhile so I’m hoping that I can live up to my words!!)

Be ready for Magic Kingdom photos next yay!

29 January 2016


1 Week Until Disney World

8 April 2015


Hi all!

This is just a quick update for all of you: in one week’s time I will be on a coach bus to Disney World! My school’s band, color guard and choir are driving down to Disney for a competition (but mostly just to enjoy the parks)! Hopefully I’ll have some cool stuff to tell you guys about. I won’t be bringing a big fancy camera for fear of losing or breaking it (also I don’t want to bring a big bag and have to carry it and bring it through bag check. ewwy) so there probably won’t be any professional photos, not that I am a professional photographer. But I am assuming you know what I mean. Anyways, so excited!! Disney’s about to gain lots and lots of revenue from me (that’s assuming I am a rich student. I am not a rich student. BUT THEY WILL GET MONEY!)

If you’d like, follow my school’s choir Twitter and my school’s marching band/color guard Twitter! @PwayHSChoir and @PHSsuperchiefs

See you all in my next update!