Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge

Hello friends!

I was playing Sims 4 today and wondered why I never wrote a post about the Sims since I love it so much. I purchased the Sims 4 for my Mac back in May 2015 (May 10 to be exact since I made a Facebook post about how I purchased it and that because I purchased it, that meant I could live in peace) and in the midst of watching Sims 4 videos, I stumbled upon the 100 Baby Challenge. I started watching it and even though the person was super annoying and her voice was really annoying after awhile I wanted to try the challenge. I read up on the rules which I will attach in case you want to try it also and got started. It’s August now and I took a couple break weeks off of Sims since everything was getting pretty busy with life and I am currently at 24 children (20 of which qualify for the challenge as of now).

My matriarch was a blonde lady named Brittany Hale and she had 10 children before she died and her oldest, Lucy Hale (I’m so creative haha), was the next head with 10 children and now her eldest daughter, Melissa, has 4 children! I think what will happen is if anyone is interested I’ll do updates on how I’m doing with this challenge, but if no one’s interested I don’t really care and will just have it up for my record! Lol! Anyways, I have a notebook that I keep record of the challenge in so I’ll list it below.

Key: Bold = mother. Name = child. (Name) = father. √ = Young Adult (Qualifies for Challenge)

Brittany Hale
1. Lucy Hale (Travis Scott) √
2. Elizabeth Hale (Lorenzo Guevara) √
3. Maks Hale (Brandan Wong) √
4. Lucas Hale (Stephen McNeill) √ died as a Young Adult (side note: don’t ask how that happened, it was dumb)
5. Alex Hale (Alfredo Wong) √
6. Joe Hale (Orion Winters) √
7. Derek Hale (Don Lothario) √
8. Julianne Hale (Don Lothario) √
9. Zoe Hale (Don Lothario) √ (side note: the past 3 were triplets)
10. Annabeth Hale (Reed Weeks) √

Lucy Hale
11. Lucas Jr. Hale (Matt Burnett) √
12. Melissa Hale (Maximus Graves) √
13. Victor Hale (Dylan Grove) √
14. Drew Hale (Nikolai Reeley) √
15. Michael Hale (Roman Cavazos) √
16. Kirstin Hale (Adonis Gibson) √
17. James Hale (Alexis Tsvirkunov) √
18. Peter Hale (Alexis Tsvirkunov) √ (side note: the past 2 were twins)
19. Natasha Hale (Lyle Mack)
20. Arthur Hale (Pierce Hatfield)

Melissa Hale
21. Ross Hale (Declan Esposito)
22. Mitch Hale (Lester Felton)
23. Anna Hale (John Baker)
24. Scott Hale (Shea Ransom)

And that’s my progress so far! This challenge actually does take a looong time though. I didn’t expect it to take as long as it has, so if you’re going to do this you have to be pretty committed and into the Sims haha.

Here are the rules for those interested: Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge Official Rules

Thanks so much for reading this week! Comment below if any of you guys want to attempt the challenge or tell me about it if you have completed it! Hope you all are enjoying your summer. See you in the next post!

August 19 2015