Pivotal Living Activity & Sleep Tracker

Hi friends,

Just a quick note that this is definitely not a sponsored post (not important enough for that yet! Lol, I wish) so everything I’m writing is most definitely my own opinion and experience!

So as most people are doing, I have also chosen to be healthier by drinking more water and just staying active everyday. I don’t work out or follow healthy eating diets (which I probably should but let’s be honest, those things are hard!) and there is definitely no substitute for those things but I believe that you can transition into that stage by doing at least 30 to 60 minutes of active time everyday and drinking lots of water.

Most people are also choosing to use a FitBit in their routine to track their sleeping patterns, their heart rate, their step count, blah blah blah, but looking at those prices . . . not everyone can afford that! Certainly not me, despite my current efforts to save up for one on black Friday! Fortunately for me, my dad attempted to get into this healthy phase not super long ago, but instead of investing in a FitBit he purchased this Pivotal Living band. He doesn’t use it anymore, so I took advantage of it!

You know what the best part is? The price. $12. No, I did not miss a zero or anything—I did in fact say twelve dollars. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “if this thing is basically supposed to do what a FitBit can do for only $12, it can’t be that good, right?” WRONG! I will be honest, I don’t have that much experience with a FitBit, but after my own bit of research there isn’t toooo much of a difference between this little guy and the cheapest and smallest $99 FitBit besides the heart rate tracker!

The Pivotal Living Band works in conjunction with the Pivotal Living App in the App Store for iOS users as well as the Android equivalent (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called!) but it is possible to use it without the app just to track steps, distance travelled, and calories burned. Using the app however creates a much more detailed experience, allowing you to set personal goals for yourself in terms of water consumption, active time, sleep time, etc.

In the photos above, I have taken screenshots of the app, and this is basically what I see everyday. Quick note, I recognize that my sleep says 2 hours and 20 minutes—it’s not that this band does not actually track sleep, it does, and it does it very well! I’m just not that great at remember to press the button when I’m about to fall asleep, haha. I’ve definitely had better luck but it is pretty accurate. I’ll leave the link that explains how it tracks everything below. The water consumption is usually measured in ounces but because I have a water bottle that measures the water inside in centiliters, I just converted it to the metric system (which is also why my weight is in kg and not lbs).

If you definitely want to try and get into this FitBit lifestyle, but don’t know if you want to splurge that $100+ for something you may not use all the time, this is a really good alternative. I have used this for 6 days straight so far which is really a record for me, I don’t usually wear watches or any sort of jewelry because they feel like hassles but sometimes I even forget that it’s on there! When I took my Calc exam, there was no clock in the room and I remember thinking to myself “Darn it! I wish I wore a watch, then I could track my time”. Lo and behold, I did in fact have a watch, but I completely forgot! The Pivotal Living band keeps the time as well, so even better!

I hope this blog post was helpful to any of you! I’m trying really hard to think of good content to write about within all my college madness (I register for spring semester classes next week, eek!), so hopefully I’ll get back to you soon!

Pivotal Living Tumblr User Manual

Thanks again!

19 November 2015


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