The Global Goals

Hi friends!

I’ve always been a big supporter of philanthropy and charity and just the concept of trying your best to make the world a better place. I’ve also always been a big advocate for the importance of education.

Education is a super important cause for innovation and growth of not only the nation but the world. By being educated, a person has so much more of a chance of succeeding and contributing more to the world. Knowledge is power and that definitely does not go unrecognized by some; Michelle Obama is a huge supporter of education for girls and Malala Yousafzai is a prime example of just how much an education means. It’s important to note that with the right education, our students to grow to become amazing forces in this country.


World leaders of the UN have banded together to create 17 Global Goals to achieve extraordinary things in the next 15 years. I will leave the link for you to read up on them below, but the fourth Global Goal resonates loudly with me. It centers around quality education for all, ensuring all boys and girls with free quality primary and secondary education, including high school and university. It promotes gender equality in education and access to all levels of education, as well as a safe and inclusive environment meant to foster literacy, numeracy and overall development. Goal-4 also hopes to increase the amount of qualified teachers which is an extremely important topic to me.

It doesn’t make sense for so many teachers in America to be vastly underrated and underpaid. With the right education, students can grow to find solutions to worldly problems and yet people seem to forget where these students get their roots from. Yes there are engineers, and scientists, and philosophers, and artists but they would be nowhere without their teachers that taught them all the know and encouraged them to think beyond and fostered academic and life achievement. Teachers play such a crucial role in the development of children. Children spend most of their life in school, obviously there needs to be quality people teaching them what they know. Teachers dedicate their lives bettering the future rulers of the world and are so under-compensated. They deserve the world because they give the world its heroes.

I wanted to write this post to inform you of the Global Goals and just to spread the word and hope that you’ll go on thinking of ways you can make the world better. Sometimes your word can be just as important as donating money to a cause because by spreading the topic around, you’re forcing people to know about your cause. Please look into the Global Goals and support what resonates best with you, it would really mean a lot.

The Global Goals website

19 October 2015


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