Alex and Ani Bracelets

Hello friends!

I wanted to share my small collection of Alex and Ani bracelets with you all because I wanted to share the meanings they all hold for me. I don’t wear them all the time just because I’m teeerrrrrible with wearing jewelry but their meanings are a worth a lot more than the wear I get out of them.

September Birthstone Charm Bangle
As you may or may not know, I am a September baby!! Therefore, my birthstone is a sapphire, which I love lots and lots and lots—it really is a beautiful stone. This along with my next bracelet was one of the first Alex and Ani bracelets I have ever purchased for myself.

AlexAni Sapphire

Initial H Charm Bangle
This is the second Alex and Ani bracelet I bought along with the birthstone one! How can you not get the letter that your name starts with? The H and the sapphire are the quintessential representations of me (minus all my hobbies and preferences) but at the heart of it all, I’m just a random Hannah born in September of ’97.

AlexAni H

Friend Charm Bracelet
My mother’s friend bought me this on my seventeenth birthday which I think was really nice of her to do. I’m not the closest with her personally, if I had to be honest, but the friend aspect of the bracelet is really the importance to me. If you saw my post on Sept 1st about my friends, you know I treasure my friendship more than most things. Friends are an extremely crucial part of my life so it’s nice that this bracelet can sum that up.

AlexAni Friend

Path of Life Charm Bracelet
My high school choir director gave me this bracelet as a graduation gift to match the one that she had. I’m not sure if she gave me this charm specifically but in my head I’ll believe that she did. Throughout the last few years of high school, she and I always had talks about my life problems or the choir program, but mostly my life problems which pretty much always ended in me crying and her trying to console me and tell me about the twists and turns of life. One thing she said to me was that “Life doesn’t get easier, in fact it gets harder, but you get stronger” or something along the lines of that, but even though I was kind of sad that life didn’t get easier (who doesn’t wish that??), it was hopeful to know that I may be able to endure it more. She’s my favorite person.

AlexAni Path of Life

Sweet Melody Charm Bangle
My best friend gave me this for my 18th birthday which really does mean a lot to me beyond the point of me loving music and the charm representing my love for music. We became friends through music, through our choir program, and we’ve always constantly struggled through our musician problems together and managed to come out alive (that sounds way worse than it actually is, but being a musician is hard okay!) so I like to think that this treble clef represents all those music moments. It represents all the fun times we had in high school choir, all the fun times listening to music, or sitting at the piano, or just anything. Her friendship is special.

AlexAni Melody

Recently I’ve been more into the idea of people getting me Alex and Ani bracelets rather than buying them for myself because I feel like they’re more sentimental that way. Whatever charm they choose is almost like a representation or memory of them, so it’s nice to carry around a bit of them sometimes. I’m a very sentimental person if you couldn’t tell by my blog or something. Just, letting you know, y’know?

Thanks for keeping up with yet another blog post, I’ll see you guys next time! 🙂



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