Book Opinion | The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

The Wishing SpellHello internet friends!

After three years I’ve finally finished reading The Wishing Spell! I don’t know why it took me so long, I started it in 2012 (I actually looked it up on my GoodReads account and I thought I started it in 2013 but alas it was 2012! So long argh!) and I was hooked but then I had to stop and I just never picked it up again. Fortunately I know that Chris Colfer has released the fourth book this month so I’m glad that if I were to continue reading the series, I wouldn’t have to wait for the next couple of books to release!

Colfer has definitely made an original story out of all of these well-known tales and he’s painted beautiful pictures in my mind. He’s given in depth stories to the tales that people only know one side of (which is sometimes the side only show in the Disney movie! haha just kidding). The princesses and the villains are given so much more dimension than we normally see and I find it so interesting and heart-tugging to read things like that. I love the idea that people are more than just the small preview that they show despite the fact that we’re talking about fictional characters–I think that concept applies to everyday people as well.

I love Alex and Conner and their dynamic together; it makes me want a sibling of my own, but I always want a sibling so oh well. I wish there could have been a little more action in the adventure but I will give Colfer some leeway since it was his first book. I’m sure the next 3 are just as great, if not better! So excited to read The Enchantress Returns!

September 21 2015

P.S. Celebration for the 50th post on this blog!!


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