30 Day Scales Challenge: UPDATE!

Hi friends ūüė¶

I have sad news today. I forgot to do my scales on Saturday!! It’s not as if I did much, because I had an orthodontist appoint before lunch and then went to a picnic for my choir (new one! not the old one, they were on the annual concert choir retreat sadly for me) until about 4pm and got home around 5:30 and didn’t do much after so I could have done it. I just forgot. This is probably why I didn’t get to Mason Gross because I always forget to practice. I realized my mistake yesterday on Sunday and restarted again! So I’m restarting my 30 days and my¬†projected end date should be Tuesday October 13th!

Although I’m restarting the thirty days, that does not mean that I am starting from the very beginning of what I’ve practiced. I’m picking up right where I’ve left off which happens to be:

  • C Major & A Harmonic Minor
  • F Major & D Harmonic Minor
  • Bb Major & G Harmonic Minor
  • Eb Major & C Harmonic Minor
  • Ab Major & F Harmonic Minor
  • Hanon Exercises #1 and #2

So yes, I did add Hanon exercises into the mix, I don’t know if I said that in the last post because I did decide to add it in last Wednesday or Thursday. The main purpose of me adding in the Hanon exercises is so that I can build up the muscle in my hands and arms as well as their stamina. I don’t know if it happens to anyone else but when my hands are getting to a particularly strenuous part (i.e. octaves, anything fast paced, anything that has involved left-hand motions, etc.) my hands get tired really quickly and end up tensing up. I don’t want to tense up anymore! So I’ve been playing #1 and #2 back-to-back and non-stop for minutes. I just keep playing them back and forth until my hands get tired, but I only do them as fast as my hands can stay even together. However, since I am right-handed, my right hand is way ahead of my left hand in terms of strength and stamina, so when I feel my left hand lagging, I don’t slow my right hand down but push my left hand to keep up. Right now it’s more about building the muscles and stamina rather than evenness. I still want my right hand to be working just as hard as my left hand.

This is probably not the best way to do it but my tired arms and hand muscles will thank me later . . . (hopefully!)

I’ll try a lot harder to stay on track this time, so I’ll catch you guys in the next 30 Day Scales Challenge Update (whenever that is!)

September 14 2015

P.S. Happy 21st Birthday to my friend Lee! (obviously not the one who graduated with me because that would be a pretty late age to graduate high school at)


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