Aldo Hatchet Bag

Hi friends!

My aunt gave me this purse for my birthday and I thought I’d share with you how great it is! I’ve actually gotten compliments from classmates at college! People I have never met in my life, who happen to sit next to me in class compliment the purse, so I suppose it needs some sharing.

I have been using this purse for uni because it happens to be the perfect size for my laptop (MacBook Air 11″) and whatever other junk I bring to school. It’s navy with white stripes and brown trim/handles. It’s a tiny bit heavier than most high end brands (i.e. Michael Kors) but who has that money? Not me — and it’s not as if it’s handicapping me or busting my shoulder. It’s a bearable purse weight and the only thing making it heavy are my laptop and books. The inside has a total of five pockets — in the front there are two about the size of my iPhone 5S and one for a pen or pencil; in the back there is a zip pocket as well as an open pocket on top of it about the size of a 6Plus? I’ve only encountered a 6Plus about three times in my life so I could be wrong, but a 6 will definitely fit. I also didn’t know exactly how to express the measurements so this is the most rational way I thought of, haha! Please excuse my subpar ability to describe the pockets.

I would take pictures of my purse but I’ll just attach the website photo and links. It comes in various colors and designs and they also have a white and black polka dot pattern that I really like that’s 50% off! So I’ll attach a picture and link of that one as well.

Aldo HATCHET Shoulder Bag in NAVY – $40.00

aldo bag navy/white

Aldo HATCHET Shoulder Bag in WHITE / BLACK – $20.00 (50% off!)

aldo bag white/black

September 9 2015


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