2nd Annual SheepyPeep Birthday Week

Hi friends!

This year’s birthday week has come and gone and I am waiting for the days to go by for the next one (just kidding, there’s still a lot more to enjoy between that time).

On Thursday, Sheepy’s birthday (Jenn’s birthday), we, as per tradition, drove to the mall and I gave her her gift to open (mine was a day late but y’know what that’s fine, not my birthday yet!). We walked around the mall and made some purchases at Sephora…well she purchased, I redeemed my free birthday gift….so…either way we both walked out of there with something, haha. Unfortunately, there’s only so much one can do at the mall—some may disagree with that statement, but I will quickly get bored if I am not purchasing something myself there because I am weak!! Afterwards, we went to our town’s library and she renewed her library card and I purchased a book I’ve been wanting to read for 3 years for $0.50!! Great deal, great deal..AND IT’S THE PLATINUM EDITION! 🙂

2Bday Week 9.28

On Friday, August 28th, I took advantage of the student and teacher 15% off discount at Forever 21 so I took my mom right back on over to the mall to buy me some clothes. Unless anyone wants me to specify what I actually bought (I BOUGHT DUNGAREES!!! or overalls? but short ones…), I’ll leave the statement there. My mom and I went home soon after since I didn’t really need anything else and then Jenn made her way to my house to give me MYYYYYY gift. Great time, great time. If anyone wants to know about that gift I’ll make another post about it, otherwise “I’ll leave the statement there.” This happened in the parking lot of our local Target by the way, where we happened to see my Freshman year and Senior year high school English teacher with his family. Nothing really happened after that, so moving on to Saturday!!

2Bday Week 9.292Bday Week 9.29 2

On Saturday, August 29th, I actually had college things to do that day! Collegeeee! Jenn and I went for breakfast to IHOP but realized that due to our poor planning we forgot to take into account that IHOP would be busy on Saturday morning around 10am. So instead we went to McDonald’s and got some hot cakes and hash browns. Great alternative, right? Afterwards, we drove on over to Livingston Campus and took the bus to College Ave Campus because I had to help a friend move-in to college!! Let me tell you, they aren’t lying when they say those dorms are HOT the first couple weeks of term. I was sweating and had to face my fear of heights to put the bedsheets on her bed. She easily could have done it herself but well I wanted to be nice. Now my friend Lola had to go to a dorm meeting, so I finished some of her packing and then walked around to pass some time and had a strange encounter with some Asian lady who talked to me about God and stuff. Slightly strange, endearing, but strange.  And then we went to Convocation! For those of you who are unaware about what Convocation is, it’s usually known as the university commencement where people graduate, but Rutgers also has a New Student Convocation where they welcome the first-years and transfers to Rutgers. THE BAD THING ABOUT THAT THOUGH, WAS THAT THEY OFFERED FREE FOOD but I needed a meal plan to get that free food. I am a commuter and did not see why I needed a meal plan. I was upset. So me and my two other friends who were in the same predicament drove to a nearby Wendy’s to eat and came back for the festivities. It was an okay time.

On Sunday, August 30th, I drove us around for once!! I drove us to Petsmart and Michael’s and Marshall’s and Target and I felt so proud of myself. We also met some of the cutest kitties in the entire world. I was pretty sure I wanted to adopt about 7 of them while I was there, but unfortunately my parents are not animal people so no pets for me. 😦 There’ll be a cute picture of kitties attached below! We also went to the Barnes & Noble at Rutgers because they had VIP Night which happened to have a 25% off discount on one apparel item! So obviously I went and dragged Jenn so I could get something to rep my school since I only own one Rutgers hoodie. I also got a “Rutgers University” decal for my car—not the red R, I see too many of those, I needed woooords!

2Bday Week 9.30

Monday, August 31st! It’s hard to believe that eighth months have gone by in 2015, because it feels like it just started! But it’s great because it means my birthday is in four days. Unfortunately it also marks the start of school! Today I had orientation for the Business School which means that classes would begin tomorrow, September 1st! It’s like going back to Hogwarts, so I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced myself that I’m actually going to class at Hogwarts and not going to a major university. But that’s September 1st and today is August 31st. After my orientation, Jenn and I went for lunch at IHOP which was much less crowded since it was Monday, but then we went back to Livingston to take the bus to College Ave because Jenn wanted to look for textbooks. BUT THEN WE GOT BUBBLE TEA. Highly recommend Hokkaido on Easton Ave if anyone is wanting to try some bubble tea (or boba, if you know it as that!) On the way back home though, we encountered some really annoying rain that was impossible to see through. Thankfully we are home safe and alive to tell the tale!

2Bday Week 8.31

Tuesday, September 1st and classes are starting once again! For some reason Jenn didn’t really have any classes on Tuesday so she stayed home and I went to my first college class at 8:40 in the morning. After the class I was planning on going home and then driving back but after looking around the parking lot, I realized I had really good parking so instead I stayed on campus and decided to make my way to Douglass for my college choir audition. Tonal memory is hard for me 😦 Hopefully I get into a good choir though! After meeting up with some of my music major friends, I stood on many crowded buses to make my way back for Calculus (I feel like this has turned into a “Hannah’s week” type of blog post rather than telling you about how we celebrated birthday week, but what can you do?! I had class and she didn’t!) After a relatively long day, all while making a single new friend and running into a few friends from high school, I drove back home. Strange to think I just had my first day of college.

Wednesday, September 2nd! Jenn didn’t have classes yesterday so her real first day was today and I had classes also so we didn’t really get to hang out much 😦 I say much as if we hung out at all — we didn’t. oops.

Thursday, September 3rd! Hard to believe I’m actually eighteen years old now. I am a legal adult. Weird. Anyways, after class I headed home because my parents wanted me to and my mom had a chocolate cake waiting with “Happy Birthday Hannah!” as per usual. It had chocolate icing and the words were in purple icing it was cute. Afterwards I headed to Jenn’s house and I brought her some cake and we had dinner at Red Robin because I had been really craving Red Robin the past month… Don’t judge me.

And that’s a wrap! Birthday week was fun and good but boo that school is always so close to our birthdays! Mine often being during school! How rude. Hopefully the birthday weeks will start being more exciting and we can actually go do more exciting things beyond the confines of our small county! Thanks for reading, friends and I’ll see you again soon!

September 7 2015


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