30 Day Scales Challenge!

Hi friends,

If you’re confused by the title, don’t be. As a pianist, it’s really important to know all of your scales (C Major, A Harmonic Minor, Eb Major, C# Harmonic Minor, etc.). Hah, you thought maybe I was talking about weight scales — never. You probably didn’t think that but I thought I’d try to make a joke of it anyway.

However, being me, I’m so bad at piano technique and keeping up with piano technique and even though I won’t be re-auditioning for Mason Gross as a piano major, I don’t want to lose my piano skills because I’m going to train in voice for awhile. I haven’t had a piano lesson since the week of my Mason Gross audition which if any of you were present for, that was March 7th 2015. It is September 5th right now.

So—on the fly, I decided to start my own 30 Day Scales Challenge where I’m going to try to learn and memorize all the correct fingerings for my scales with no mistakes at all! Don’t be fooled, it’s not as if I don’t know them but obviously it takes awhile and I don’t want to have to cheat on my fingering. I won’t be forgetting about the rest of my piano technique but focusing and concentrating myself on this one area will hopefully be beneficial. Sure it’s no party trick, but hey, knowing your scales backwards and forwards comes in handy as a musician. Trust me.

I’ll try to keep you all updated along this short journey. I’ve drawn myself up a calendar (literally) to put on my piano and keep up with things so hopefully we’ll have a white sheet of paper with lots of pencil and red pen markings!

Thanks for all your support, friends. I’ll be posting about the 2nd Annual SheepyPeep Birthday Week soon! I just have to add some photos and it’ll be up soon — I’ll probably post in Monday if I don’t procrastinate.

September 5th 2015

30 Day Scales Challenge


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