My Friends Are Amazing

Hi guys!

To commemorate the start of my college experience, I want to take the time to recognize my incredible high school friends that are all starting their own journeys. Many of them have already started and others haven’t already but oh well, I’m taking the time to talk about them now. Some of you probably could care less and that’s completely fine, but I want to post about how I’m remembering them right now. I want to be able to look back and see where we all started and be proud of where we’ve all gone because I know they will all grow to do amazing things that I could never be more proud of (I’m already proud of them right now). Most of them I will not post their full names for sake of keeping their privacy so I hope you can understand that.

1. Jenn Shepp
Jenn Shepp is my best friend in the whole entire world and she makes Youtube videos where she sings and does covers of songs with her ukulele and piano. She’s an incredible singer who started out thinking she was an alto and within like, a year she became a super soprano and has a strangely large whistle register that I don’t get. But she gets it so I guess that’s fine. (Alto power all the way sorry not sorry!) She is entering her sophomore year of college and is studying Psychology with a minor in Music, originally planning on Music Education in Voice but switched to the former. Our birthdays are also only a week apart even though she’s a year older than me, so we now celebrate a birthday week together where we do random things that we could probably do at any other point in time but it’s during our birthday week so it’s special. Here is the link to her Youtube and I hope that you enjoy the many videos she has posted even though I constantly say that she should upload more and would help with camerawork. (P.S. I helped film Run For Those Hills, Babe! I’m so lame haha.)

2. Lee Tomeo
Now, I’ve already written about this individual before but if you haven’t seen that already I don’t blame you because I stuck it quickly at the end of a totally unrelated post. Lee is studying to become a Music Producer and already has a plethora of songs that he’s written, performed and produced on his Soundcloud, many of which are already loved by those who have heard it. I’ve known him since our freshman year in high school through the choir program (all of these friends I’ve made in choir by the way) and I’ve never seen someone so well-versed when it comes to this stuff. He’s only been doing this for maybe a year or two but he’s so informed and so determined and talented and ambitious about music production. Literally in our senior year he would carry his laptop around a lot to work on producing new music, I’m incredibly proud of him. Here’s the link to his Soundcloud, I hope that you can enjoy his music just as much as I do.

3. Lola Ilesanmi
Lola is majoring in Biological Sciences but her talents and interests are most certainly not limited there. She loves fashion and beauty and blogging and singing and she’s so amazingly talented with all of them. We met in our Freshman English and Biology class but obviously we’ve grown closer through choir because of our love of singing and I certainly hope that we can continue to do that together in college (did I mention Jenn, Lola and I are all attending the same college?).  In our senior year, Lola started a blog for her Senior Project and eventually branched out into Youtube videos as well. Even though she does not regularly keep up with this anymore, she was definitely well acquainted with her blog and easily getting views from friends and family and random other viewers. Here is the link to her blog and Youtube, enjoy her talents as well please 🙂

4. Ryan P.
I am not incredibly close with this individual but we have a mutual friendship through my boyfriend, Arthur, but I’m certain that that isn’t where the friendship ends. I like to think that there’s a mutual support for one another because I am definitely proud of some of his many accomplishments. Ryan is an incredibly talented musician, forming his own punk/reggae band called True Revolution with some of his friends (and now Arthur!). Aside from that though, he’ll be attending the Mason Gross School of the Arts to major in Music Performance in Jazz Studies for Bass (which he picked up in approximately three months!! how he did that, I will never know). Senior year in AP Music Theory, Ryan would always be making crazy beats on the keyboards before class started, heck, there were always short jam sessions before class started. He is an incredibly talented person and a very chill person so check out his band stuff at their Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud!

5. Joe A.
Out of all the people on this list, I have known Joe the longest. We’ve known each other since about the fourth grade because we just did and according to him, had Orchestra together (but I don’t remember that haha). Joe is a person of many talents, but he’s certainly not one to brag. He picks up instruments as quickly as he puts them down, but that’s not a negative thing in his case. He learns the workings of so many instruments and gets to a standard level of playing for most of them (some of them above standard!!) and it’s just an incredible thing to watch, I wish I could do that, but alas. I think he’s played violin, saxophone, drums, guitar, ukulele, piano, tuuuba…?/trumpet…? (not sure about that one), and well, voice. However, that alone does not make Joe who he is. He’s really good at handling a soundboard, stage lighting, people?! (he’s a really good leader, booming voice too), and I know that he’ll do great at anything he sets his mind to. Joe will be majoring in Music Education for Voice. No social media for him though, haha.

6. Arthur A.
I’ve talked about Arthur before. He will be studying Music Performance for Guitar and is, well, my best friend (besides Jenn but I think you know what I mean) and he makes me proud and surprises me everyday. Arthur has a chill, occasionally stoic, and usually nonchalant demeanor about most things, but the people who think that have never seen him in his element. In the right moment, Arthur is incredibly determined, incredibly ambitious and excited and daring and passionate and all these things I wish I could be. When he plays guitar or sings (besides the ungodly tenor notes that I hate because I don’t like tenors, but I still love him so shhh), you can see how effortless it all is to him–he loves every moment. He gets very into things when he wants to, and will only be compliant to things when he wants to and even though sometimes he frustrates me, it’s admirable. When he writes songs, although not often, he makes them his, pulling from his past knowledge and experiences and all of the things that inspire him and well, all the things that make him, Arthur.

All my friends are amazing but I wanted to highlight these six individuals just for being their amazing selves. I don’t know that they will ever read this post since I don’t really publicize this blog to my family and friends because I’m awkward, but I hope that they know that I will always be there to support them in their future endeavors whether I’m physically present or not. I keep saying that they’re “incredibly” something because they’re just that–incredible. I am not sure what the future holds in store for all of them, or me, but I know that they will only continue to prosper. I know that whatever dream they have, they can achieve it, and that if they ever need help, I’ll always be there to offer it (and publicize them because I love talking about my friends). Hopefully in a year or whenever I can retouch this post, I can write again about the amazing accomplishments I know that they will have achieved.

Thanks to these people, and all my other high school friends, for the amazing memories. I know college will reward you with even greater memories that I hope I can be apart of. 🙂

September 1 2015


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