Blog Recommendations For The Budget-Friendly

Hi friends!

College is starting up and what are students mainly known for? Being broke! Even though I realize that that is an exaggeration and most college students are not entirely flat out broke, money can be tight when you’re young and new to providing for yourself. So I’ve been reading a bunch of different blogs lately about being budget-friendly and being more organized because I just find those things comforting. But this is also for my fellow collegiate readers who may need the help!

1. The Budget Mama
This woman has so many posts about saving money and earning quick side-cash and being cost-effective and all those types of things. Her posts are so helpful, as well as visually pleasing and even though I’m not in her position as a stay-at-home mother, or even mother in general, her posts definitely give me a lot of ideas on how to be friendly with my budget. It’s nice to know that there are so many options to save money as I’m entering my “broke-college-student” days and I’m hoping you can find comfort in her posts as well so I will link one of her posts that have been most helpful to me! 🙂
Developing a Make or Break Price – Using a Price Book

2. Thirty Handmade Days
You can see that I have a budget-friendly theme going on here and that’s exactly what Thirty Handmade Days promotes. I’m in love with her binder posts that help get you into saving and keeping track of how much you’re actually spending and the fact that she encourages her kids to do the same is great. She has these binders, “School Binders”, “Accountability Binders”, that help her kids grasp the concept of saving money and staying on top of their work at a young age which I think is incredibly smart. She also has a post entitled the 1 Year Savings Challenge that draws out a chart of money to save throughout the entire year and it’s actually really interesting and helpful because through it, the amount you could save could buy you a plane ticket somewhere, which I definitely want haha. I’m rambling and not summarizing very well again, so I’ll just link you two of my favorite posts by her haha.
5 Ways to Get Your Budget Under Control
1 Year Savings Challenge Printables

I hope that you’ll check them out and be inspired to be up-to-date with your budget and not overspend when you don’t need to!

Also, one of my best friends is moving into his dorm today at the University of the Arts and I will be there to help so that’s where I am today! It’s in Philadelphia, PA so he’ll be about 1-2 hours away and I won’t see him everyday anymore which will be depressing but we’re all going on our future journeys now 😦 To lighten the mood, check out his Soundcloud (I recommend Blame, he made it for his Senior Project in high school)! He’s going to college for Music Production woo!
Lee Tomeo Productions Soundcloud

I’ll see you guys in the next post. 🙂

August 24 2015


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