High School Nostalgia

Hi friends!

I recently saw all my little high school friends post their class schedules practically everywhere on social media and wow. It’s such a surreal experience to see them getting their schedules and thinking, “Oh wow, this person’s taking blahblahblah” and “Huh that class is that period cool” but knowing that you’re not a part of any of that anymore. I’ve pretty much figured out when all the choir classes are haha, but I’m not taking any of them which is really strange to me. I feel like I’m so involved in this process because it’s just right in front of my eyes, but I’m really not. Here I am waiting for my own first-year fall semester schedule in college, and I’m still doing my typical high school tracking. Will it ever get easier? Probably when all of those high schoolers get to college and  don’t care about showing their class schedules, haha.

Not completely sure if I miss high school—I definitely miss some of the teachers and the friends I’ve made and the fun classes that I occasionally took. But does that mean I miss high school? Maybe I miss the simplicity. Not that I’ve started college yet but even I’m smart enough to know that the two simply are not the same.

The even more surreal experience is seeing a bunch of your high school friends, some friends that you’ve known for years growing up, move away for their college experience. A friend that I’ve known since kindergarten days is already off at Cornell, an old middle school friend is going all the way to San Diego— we’re meeting up today to catch up before she leaves. It’s all very strange to me. I want to hope that I’ll always be able to keep up with the friends that I want to, but I know that it won’t always be the case and that things will get busy. Our lives will get in the way and other sentimental stuff, right? College is weird. High school is weird. People are weird. Friendships are weird.

I guess after writing that paragraph I definitely do miss the simplicity of high school. But at least I can relish in the fact that after four years of afternoon-based choir, I can laugh at how concert choir is in the morning again after 4 years now that I’ve left 🙂

I’m such a kind soul.

August 18 2015


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