Movie Opinion | Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Hello friends!

I saw this movie the day it came out (I’ll be honest I didn’t even know it was coming out, I’m not a big Mission Impossible fan!) with my parents and my aunt and uncle in North Carolina at a Carmike Cinema. I unfortunately don’t have a ticket stub picture to attach because I don’t think they use ticket stubs there–there wasn’t an attendant to rip ticket stubs like at my usual Regal Cinemas. But you probably don’t want to know about these details and just want to know what I thought of the movie haha.

Rogue Nation was obviously very exciting and action packed and very easy for me to follow despite never having seen a Mission Impossible movie, so props to them! I have a note in my phone that says “wow Tom Cruise looks good”, and…yeah…he did. I was surprised because I grew up thinking the Mission Impossible movies were for “old people” because it’s “what my parents watched” blahblahblahblah so I assumed that Tom Cruise was old also, and even though he kind of is, it doesn’t show. Okay never mind about my brief fangirling about Tom Cruise–moving on!

Poor Jeremy Renner! Every movie he does, he has such a lack of action, it’s as if Hollywood recognizes his talent and sees him as a great actor but they don’t have him do anything! He isn’t bad, his movies don’t do bad, in fact, they’re good! They just don’t become great if it’s in regards to him. I feel so bad, he’s in such high-class movies all the time, but he doesn’t…do anything.

There were a few unnecessary car/motorcycle chase shots where they showed the chase from a first-person perspective and although in retrospect it’s kind of cool and interesting to know what that looks like firsthand, it isn’t central to the plot or the movie and was just an embellishment. An unnecessary embellishment unfortunately.

Also why do all the nerdy and lame guys have to wear glasses in these movies or any movie whatsoever, it’s not fair man. As a proud glasses wearer, that is a lame stereotype that needs to be abolished because most people look great if not better with glasses (so long as it’s the right frame for their face y’know). That wasn’t really important regarding this movie but just a minor ranting point from my end, sorry sorry.

All in all, it was a really exciting movie and I might just take a look at the other Mission Impossible movies.

August 17 2015


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