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Where She WentHi friends!

I finished Where She Went by Gayle Forman on July 25 2015 at 1 am (yes one in the morning, I don’t usually do that so you know that I really wanted to go through this book). To be brutally honest, I liked this book so much better than If I Stay, and by looking at Goodreads, most of the raters thought the same thing haha. I think the reason I liked Where She Went more than If I Stay is because of the feel of the timeline. I know it’s very similar to If I Stay but this felt like there was more going on and that there was more to learn and I think that just came from the fact that the plot is three years later so there’s so much to catch up on. It could also just be that I’m a huge sucker for love and I just wanted Mia and Adam to rekindle again, but I’m certain that that isn’t the only case. This is a slightly bitter comment (is it even bitter? probably not but I don’t have a better word for it), but I might have liked it better because I actually got to learn most of the full names of everyone in this book..haha, no that’s not it. I enjoyed that though!

I think there was just more going for this book and more finality and more…being in this book rather than just observing the plot through a microscope, which is what If I Stay felt a little bit like to me. I’ve addressed that my imagination can make books feel very real and enveloping to me and I certainly didn’t feel that way with the first book. The first book, I was just reading–it was a nice read definitely, but I wasn’t absorbed. Where She Went on the other hand, that absorbed me completely, I wasn’t just reading the book–I was in the story, if that makes sense. I enjoyed this definitely and would certainly recommend it. I think I read a review that said they read this without having read the first one and got by just fine, and to be honest, I think you probably could. There are some moments in the first that make the second more heart-wrenching but you wouldn’t really be missing much plot as a lot of it is recapped in the second. But it’s a good kind of recap, not the kind that feels repetitive which I know a lot of books from a series do. Just read it, it’ll be great. If it wasn’t a great book I would tell you!

See you guys in the next post. 🙂

August 14 2015


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