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[Note: This one will have some spoilers just because I’m going to be asking a lot of questions into the void of my blog]

FangirlI finished this book on July 21 2015 around 11:30 AM and I dived right into this book, I think I read half of the book in 2.5 hours haha, but now I’m all done and I enjoyed it–no, loved it very much! I loved Cather and felt a very good connection with her and I loved Levi and Reagen and Professor Piper and all the usual characters, and felt the usual feelings for Wren. SIDE BAR. Can we talk about their names for a second. Cather and Wren?! Catherine?! Like, I get that their mom was supposed to be lazy and stuff but seriously?! I can’t get over it. That’s the one thing I can’t get over I’m sorry.

Some questions or things I didn’t get though, why so much inclusion of Carry On, Simon? A lot of the times, I skipped through the longer passages because I didn’t find it too central to the story. Was I wrong for doing that? Did it actually have importance? I understand the importance of Simon Snow though, because it’s very much similar in ways to Harry Potter and I connected with Cath’s love for Simon Snow very much. Maybe not cardboard cutout love, but almost everything else, haha. I don’t know, a lot of that felt very…extra(?) to me.

And what happened to the mom? Is Wren still keeping up with her or did Cath convince her to break ties or did Wren convince Cath to build the bridge back up too? I think that could have been address really quickly maybe, I don’t know, I’m not really a writer anymore. Not that I was much of one before, but now even less so haha.

I’m glad that Cath decided to finish the story and I knew it would be good since it was published in that student newsletter thing and I’m glad that her and Levi are good. I liked that Rowell didn’t include the oh-we-just-fought-so-I’m-going-to-awkwardly-stay-away-from-you-now and instead had Levi at the door unable to stay away. That was cute. But I’m a sucker for cute. OK NOW I’M JUST GUSHING AGAIN AND NOT ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT THE BOOK.

Okay, that’s a lie, I am talking about the book. But oh well. All in good fun. I want Rowell to publish a sequel!! She probably won’t because I’m guessing that’s not her style but I guess I’m a little excited to read Carry On this year. We’ll see how it goes, and you’ll be one of the first to know if I can keep up with this during college! See you guys again.

August 10 2015


One thought on “Book Opinion | Fangirl

  1. I also recently finished FANGIRL and I don’t think you were wrong to skip over the parts from ‘Carry On, Simon’, I only kept reading them because I thought they were going to be some great metaphor for something later, alas not. I would also have loved to actually see Cath and Levi be together but oh well, apart from these I’m definitely fangirling over FANGIRL, it was such cute perfection!!!!!!

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