Book Opinion | Unwholly (Unwind Dystology #2)

[Note: There are spoilers about Unwholly in this blog post]

Hello friends!

So I finished Unwholly over my vacation in North Carolina/Georgia on July 27 2015 at around 8pm (I had to stay in bed for hours due to a bad headache but I luckily had the time to truck through this book so not completely bad!) I took some notes on my phone about my review so this may not be the most well composed.

First of all, I love that the romance was so downplayed in this! It was so much about just being active for a cause and I loved every second of it–okay, maybe not every second because there are a few morbid moments in this series, but you know what I mean! Even though I miss seeing Risa, Connor, and Lev together, it’s a nice change to see them growing up and doing so much good despite being separate. Most stories with the main trio or main seven keep them altogether or at least paired for majority of the storyline, but Unwholly gave each of them moments to shine as themselves within all the action and fast-paced storyline.

Reading the scene where the Graveyard was captured was completely heartbreaking for me. Connor worked so hard to make sure they got to live what they deserved AND JUST DAMN YOU STARKEY. I love Connor by the way, his name has been added to the short list of names I want to name my kids (it’s basically, James, Connor, Lily and Annabeth–I’m such a book nerd). But Starkey, I knew that boy was trouble from the start. My copy of Unwind had the first two chapters of Unwholly at the end, and right from then I knew he was bad news, I did not like him at all, nope. He’s too hot-headed! He’s too dumb and blind to see beyond his seething anger at everything! Alright, maybe he isn’t seething, but he’s too stubborn.

Cam… I don’t know with him. I think I have the exact same trouble that Risa has accepting him. It’s so difficult to enjoy him because I know what he is, and yes he has a completely different soul and it isn’t his fault at all that stupid Roberta wanted to create him, but he’s….made of hundreds of Unwinds… I couldn’t imagine him being real, I have no idea how I would deal! If I can’t come to terms with him as a fictional character, I don’t know how I could ever come to terms with a real life him. Let’s hope that never happens, yeah? Although, despite all the things I don’t like about him, he is really good at dealing with Risa’s dislike of him despite being such a spoiled soul.

Trace surprised me, in good and bad. I’m sad he had to die the way he did, my stomach felt so sick when I was reading his scene. He was a good soul underneath all of the junk blown around though. I’m proud of what he chose in the end.

I’m so excited to read the rest of the series! I will probably order the rest of the series off Amazon soon 🙂 One thing I don’t particularly like about this series though..why are the book covers so creepy looking?! It’s so strange. Oh well, can’t control that–I still love this series though!

I’ll catch you guys again soon once I finish the third installment!

August 5 2015


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