Family Vacation to North Carolina & Georgia

Hi everyone! Happy August!

I just got back yesterday from a week-long family vacation in North Carolina and Georgia (not really a fan of family vacations though as we only go to old, historical cities that I’m not a fan of haha)!

For those of you who aren’t from the southern regions of America though, southern hospitality is real. I have never truly believed in southern hospitality and southern accents because they always seem so farfetched to me. I know all these people from different states that all sound like they have my accent so I guess my brain believed that there weren’t actually different accents in America besides a few words and slang differences (i.e. soda and pop) and also the fact that I have friends who will move to the south but don’t develop the accent. So going there and actually hearing the accent was a really strange experience for me, because yeah other countries like England and New Zealand and China or whatever, they have different accents from me–but they’re completely different countries! So it’s understandable that they have different accents, but within my own country, it’s so hard for me to grasp for some reason. Southern hospitality was a big game changer for me. See, I live in the tristate area (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) where everyone is busy, everyone has somewhere to be–we’re always in a rush, we don’t have time to stick our noses in other people’s business unless it’s really weird, entertaining or bothering us. In Georgia, walking through the hotel every morning, someone said “Good morning” and they weren’t even employees! They just said good morning out of nowhere! Now I realize that this probably makes me sound really rude and stuff but that’s just the culture where I’m from, we stick to ourselves, we’re too stoic haha.

I also made some purchases down there because why wouldn’t I?! So I’ll link a few of the things that I’ve bought below (mini-haul, woo!) 🙂

Belk (I got major discounts here because my aunt’s friend worked at the Belk near their house. It was great)
New Directions Happy Sandal in Vanilla – $9.60
New Directions Precious Flat in Wine – $21.00
Red Camel Floral Border Ditsy Dress – $14.90
A Byer Lattice Bell Sleeve Blouse – $14.90
Some Extra Firm Side Sleeper Pillow for $5.10 (my insides cried)

Office Max
3 Portable Chargers for $5 each!!

I also got a nice floppy hat with a peach ribbon around it for $14.99 but it was from some side shop in the Market at Savannah, Georgia so I unfortunately can’t link it haha.

It was an alright trip but obviously not among my favorites (I’ve been inspired to start planning my own vacation for my winter recess! Yay!)

I’ll see you guys soon 🙂

August 3 2015


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