Book Opinion | Unwind (Unwind Dystology #1)



Hi friends!


So I finished Unwind a week ago on July 20th around 4:30 PM and wowowowowow. I sped through it in two days (July 19-20 if you couldn’t deduce) and that was so fast paced, but a good type of fast paced! It wasn’t one that you couldn’t keep up with or one where you thought things weren’t explained enough because everything was sped through. That is certainly not the case here, that book was AMAZING. I’m not exaggerating I promise. I fell in love with Connor from the very beginning and Risa not far after–Lev took a little work but I’d like to think that that’s how his character was written and if that was the case, then Shusterman did such a good job. If I could meet him in real life, I’d give him such praise. Of course there was the one slightly cringe-worthy part but not cringe-worthy because it was bad writing, cringe-worthy because of the topic, but it needed to be addressed at some point. Asdfghjkl;! I can’t give this book a good opinion because I’m just too hyped about it, it was so good. I am in love and I need the other books but I would probably speed read through them too and then be really sad that the series was over. I’m rambling a lot and not separating paragraphs so you know that it’s really good and that I loved it. I’m also typing at like 97 wpm because I just have a lot of words to say about how much I love this book, and they’re not even good words it’s just me saying “I LOVE IT”. But seriously, read this. Only if you’re into this type of stuff of course. Advisory: if you didn’t like reading the Hunger Games then maybe you don’t want to read this because it does deal with a very important debate that goes on today and also that cringe-worthy moment I spoke of. It’s bearable and you’ll still live after reading it but it’s still sickening none the less.

My entire book opinion has just been one long paragraph and I apologize. Maybe I’ll come back to this draft and see the error of my ways and make a more comprehensible opinion later. But knowing me I will leave it like this and when I go back to add the photo in, I will just press “Update” and not edit the draft in any way, shape, or form because I’m lazy. Haha, oopsies. Oh well, I hope that my excitement is a way to encourage you to read this book. It’s great.

July 27 2015


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