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Paper Towns Stub[Spoilers ahead, press the back button if you don’t want to read spoilers]


I JUST GOT BACK FROM SEEING THIS MOVIE WITH ARTHUR AND WOW. Wait okay, can we first and foremost talk about the amazing inclusion of the Pokemon Theme Song? Arthur and I were literally so pleased by that and I’m pretty sure we were ready to sing it too. Most of the theatre was laughing too because I think we were all around the same age group so I would like to hope in my heart that everyone knew all the words. Actually, the strangest thing was that there were probably about 20 people in that big theatre. I get that it was a strange-ish time, it was the in-between time of the matinee-goers and the nighttime movie-goers but I am not a nighttime movie-goer and I don’t think Arthur is really a matinee person so we decided on 5:20. I don’t know, I’m talking about pointless things, sorry–moving on!

The movie was great to me. It tied up a lot of loose ends that the book had left me with and I found it more comforting and more admirable somehow. I felt better about Margo and about Q going home after their encounter knowing that they were both okay. Sure there were some obvious differences, like the lack of SeaWorld (but that was for obvious reasons) or leaving before prom and then having to be back from prom rather than missing graduation, but I think somehow I liked that better? But that may just be the high schooler in me thinking about how I find those things so important and so vital an experience to have. Assuming I were book-Ben (or whomever, basically anyone who went on the road trip that wasn’t Q or Margo), I would have been so upset with Q and especially Margo for skipping out on my graduation day. Like, that’s a big day! But I was so glad that movie-Q got to have his prom and his graduation and that he got to look at them with such fond memories rather than seeing them as these minor events to having to find and say goodbye to Margo Roth Spiegelman.

I enjoyed Paper Towns a lot. I think it rested better in my head too because the book had such dark themes sometimes that just scared the hell out of me but the movie was definitely more light-hearted. Should Green have included the heavier stuff? It definitely would have been a more “informing” for lack of a better word, but would that have been worth it? I don’t know, but I don’t mind too much that it wasn’t there. The movie was just fine the way it was written and shot.

I also really loved Margo’s character in the movie, she was more. She was more than the book, just how I wanted her. I wasn’t angry with her, I was just fine. Cara Delevingne was amazing by the way, she was cute. I liked how her accent shed through a few times in the beginning of the film, because in real life, you see her as well, a “paper girl”. You see her, you know her from all those modeling shoots she does, you see all the pictures–she’s perfect, she’s beautiful and daring and amazing. She can model, she can act, she can sing, she can beatbox, what can’t she do?? But I found a strange comfort in her imperfect American accent. She’s still amazing though.

Nat Wolff was great. Love him always. Had a crush on him since the Naked Brothers Band days. Can’t say anything else, just love him. Yep.

I deeply encourage everyone to watch Paper Towns! I loved it so much. It was a short movie, I’ll be honest but it didn’t feel all that short. There have been a share of movies that I’ve seen that just felt too short or didn’t have proper ending-endings or didn’t take advantage of all the time they had, but Paper Towns is not one of those movies. They used every single second to tell the story and it was wonderful. Kudos to you, John Green!

July 24 2015


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