Cutting My Hair


I cut my hair. Like reeeeally cut it.

Hi friends!

I have been wanting to do this cut for a long time but obviously I’ve been putting it off because it’s such a huge commitment and change! I’ve had long hair for 7+ years now and cutting my hair to shoulder length was never in my plans of hair cutting. And then it became a popular style and my hair was getting heavy and my neck was getting weaker and after putting it off for months I finally did it last Friday!

It is a crazy feeling, I’m telling you. I run my hands through my hair and suddenly I’m done because there just isn’t anymore hair! It certainly feels good though! It’s so smooth and healthy and lightweight. It will definitely be easier to manage now that there’s way less of it but it’s still a big change y’know? When the hairdresser lady was cutting the ponytail off, the past few months of my life just kind of flashed before my eyes it was crazy. That particular bit of hair had been through so many new monumental events in my life and then it was just gone within 20 or so seconds of snipping. But I guess that’s just me rambling on like the sap I am.

I also mostly thought that getting this cut would be the beginning to a new start. I’m going to college now so this signified a new me. The long hair was all a part of middle school and high school and now I’m on to a new chapter in my school life, might as well move on to a new chapter with my hair. There’s no doubt that I’ll probably go back to having my long hair (there’s just so many fun things to do….not that I do them, but I like having the option!!), but the short hair will definitely stay for awhile. 🙂

If you’re thinking about cutting your hair, but you’re scared because you think it’s drastically different, go for it anyway! There are always ways to combat a bad haircut if you don’t like it afterwards but try it out! Be flexible and daring and stuff. I’m like, the least likely person to say those types of things. But it’s hair, have fun!

July 20 2015


Haircut Jul2015


2 thoughts on “Cutting My Hair

    1. I completely understand! I was freaking out internally about the haircut beforehand haha, but it’s great! I love my hair, and I’m sure you would love yours too assuming you cut it so don’t be scared. 🙂

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