Seeing Pentatonix and Kelly Clarkson!

I still can’t get over it!


Hi everyone!

So on Tuesday July 14, 2015, I had the immense pleasure of meeting Pentatonix at a VIP meet-and-greet and seeing them and Kelly Clarkson live at the Piece by Piece Tour! It was honestly one of the highlights of my life so far–when you hear someone live who sounds pretty much exactly like they do on CDs and recordings, it’s kind of a surreal experience where you wonder if you’re actually listening to a live performance. And I’m not talking about lip syncing, I’m talking about pure, amazing talent! Ugh, they were so good!

I can’t continue to talk about this before thanking the person who made all of this possible though, so I’ll give you all a backstory real quickly. So my friend’s mom asked my high school a cappella group, “Noteriety” to sing a song at her Sweet 16 that happened on July 5th, and of course we agreed. However the biggest surprise for all of us was when she gifted not only my friend but all of Noteriety who could make it, tickets to the Piece by Piece Tour AND VIP meet-and-greet tickets. It was absolutely sweet and amazing of her to do that for all of us. She could have just gotten tickets for her daughter and their family but she surprised all of us too. Great mother. Great great great.

Anyways, on to the concert details! We went under a tent (it had been raining earlier that day so they had it up just in case) and were able to get 1 picture (2 shots) with them, get 1 item signed by them, meet them briefly in the signing line and a free tote bag which came with a PTX poster, PTX blue sunglasses, and a commemorative VIP ticket! That was a really long sentence sorry, it was so exciting. I brought my Pentatonix Christmas album and I’m going to keep it in my car and show it to every passenger that comes in my car, it’ll be wonderful.

After the meet-and-greet we got first look at the merchandise booth so of course I got myself some stuff. My checking account hates me but that’s ok because I didn’t have to pay for the concert so..haha (thank you again angel’s mom) (I bought french fries for like $6.25 though…really bad deal…jussayin’). We sat around and waited for a bit and then went down to the arena to our seats. So good, so good. I originally went to this concert thinking Pentatonix was headlining the tour but was sad to find out they were only openers for Kelly Clarkson. I was disappointed to be honest! But then Kelly sang and I wasn’t disappointed anymore. She was great. Sooooo great! The throwback songs were amazing, I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I did! I still wish there was more Pentatonix but y’know, I met them and that’s all that matters right now in life.

I got to here Pentatonix perform their cover of Cheerleader for the first time ever which was exciting. I don’t like that song, but I like when they perform anything. I could tell you about their setlist but you could probably find it on social me–just kidding I’m going to tell you anyway. They started off with Problem, and then Telephone (<3), La La Latch, Cheerleader, Rather Be, Aha!, THE MICHAEL JACKSON MEDLEY (side note: I was talking to Arthur right before they did that and said “I wish they would do their Michael Jackson medley” and then they did. Best moment ever), On My Way Home, and then closed with the Daft Punk medley!! Love them love them love them. Ok I’m done rambling! This is one of my longest posts I think.

Apologizing as usual for my amateur photography and lighting 🙂

See you guys again soon! I’ll attach the photos below!

July 17, 2015

(1- Tote Bag & Sunglasses. 2- Front of T-Shirt. 3-Snapback. 4-Ticket, Signed CD Case, VIP Pass, & VIP Commemorative Ticket)

PTX Tote & ShadesPTX Concert Shirt

PTX Snapback



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