Happy Birthday Harvey!

Hi friends!

I hope you’re enjoying the frequent blog posts. I’ve been trying to do them ahead of time now and schedule them to upload at a later time, so yay me!

This blog post is meant as a happy birthday message to my cousin Harvey who turns 17 today! I remember when he was 8 years old and moved here from the Philippines (did I ever mention I was Filipino?) and we celebrated his 9th birthday by going to the movie theatre to watch Ratatouille. He’s taller than me now and probably still growing and does track and field at his high school and all those other boy things. So happy birthday cuz and enjoy Majora’s Mask–I sincerely hope that you get frustrated with it or feel slightly on edge about the time limits just like I did ūüôā

Harvey's 17th Birthday

Also, do you guys like my mad wrapping skills?! It’s literally my favorite thing to do–if I could be a professional gift wrapper, I really wouldn’t mind. But alas, it can’t be the life I live.

Anyways, happy birthday Harvey! I hope you enjoy your day and are excited for the years to come.

July 10 2015

*NOTE: Blog posts will now be happening weekly every Friday unless there’s something I have to post on a specific day that happens to not be a Friday. Hopefully I can keep up on this streak of writing and I will actually follow through with this weekly idea!


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