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Inside Out

Hi from me!

I was looking at my bulletin board where I had pinned my ticket from Pixar’s Inside Out and thought to myself, “Why didn’t I review this?!” So this is my “review”!

I loved this movie. I really, really, loved this movie and I’m not exaggerating that or anything–I’m probably understating it! I don’t know if I could tell you about the amount of love and respect I have for this movie! I felt the stinging of my eyes twice and successfully held it in until the third time where I let the tears fall. This movie was incredibly cute, incredibly well thought out and incredibly well animated, but did you expect anything less from a Pixar film?

Apart from all the cuteness and great animation though, this movie had a story to tell. It explained all the workings behind 11-year-old Riley’s mind and the effects that little actions can have on a person. It gave an accurate representation of depression and the journey that is growing up. It made you sad about growing up but it showed you that it was completely okay to do that. It showed you that it is okay to be sad sometimes, that you don’t always have to be happy, and that sometimes letting other emotions take over is all okay and all a part of growing up.

There isn’t really much left to say about this movie other than that it was soooo amazing and everyone should definitely watch it. Also Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith are life. I started off loving Joy (because who doesn’t love a bit of Joy in their life?!) but grew to fall in love with Sadness by the end. Woo Inside Out!



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