Movie Opinion | Pitch Perfect 2 & Avengers: Age of Ultron 3D

Pitch Perfect 2

First of all, happy Memorial Day weekend! Gladly celebrating and remembering our fallen soldiers who gave their lives to keep our country going. As you can see, I had the pleasure of seeing Pitch Perfect 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron over the weekend. Avengers was GREAT, but no one expected any less there. Let me talk about Pitch Perfect 2 first.

Now, you all know that I am a huge choir junkie, I love choir, I love a cappella, I love singing, I love all things music and a movie about all that stuff is so up my alley! Not to mention Rutger’s all-male a cappella group, Casual Harmony came to my high school the same day and performed four amazing songs for my choir class (big shout out to Anthony for being the future version of one of my best friends and his adorable dance moves, Lee for his amazing arrangements that I could never match up to, Eric for the epic-ness that is the world of BASS NOTES, and Cyril for his trumpet playing mouth that made for great beatboxing skills) so of course I was pumped for a movie about a cappella! I was disappointed. I loved the first Pitch Perfect movie, it was great, the music was great, the story line–GREAT! Pitch Perfect 2 started out great, I was so excited for the world of a cappella–and then it ended. But did it really? The ending felt so discontinuous and just plain wrong, I actually half-yelled “THAT’S IT????” because that was apparently the end of the movie. They work really hard to get back to the top by going to this one little retreat and suddenly they win the entire competition? But they win it by just singing one song and doing the same thing they always do just minus the props and we don’t hear any of the other groups or competition? They just magically win? I DON’T THINK SO. And there wasn’t nearly enough of just the Bellas singing! Too much of a production! The hype was too much. Sorry, I’ve converted to ranting but that’s all it felt to me! It did not match up to my expectations. 😦

Age of Ultron 3DAge of Ultron on the other hand was amazing. Amaaaaaazing. The beginning starts thrown into mid-battle, you don’t even have a moment to recuperate and check your surroundings because it’s just shot after shot after shot. Movie visuals have improved so much over the years and are continuing to better themselves in so many ways! The effects in this movie makes everything look so fluid and real, I bet you the 3D would have been 1000x better if I wasn’t a glasses-wearer and could wear the 3D glasses comfortably. That’s probably my only complaint about this movie, it isn’t even about the movie, it’s just the design of 3D glasses. They need something more inventive for the semi-blind people like me. My one sadness about this film is Quicksilver’s death but you can’t just go through war without any casualties. I wish I could be a better reviewer of this movie but that’s why I call it movie opinion because I can’t make advanced enough reviews 🙂

Thanks for those who are keeping up with my lack of posts!



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