Uploading from my phone since I can’t be bothered to keep up on my computer!

Yesterday I heard from the NAfME Twitter and Facebook that music (and the rest of the arts) has just been passed as a core subject in schools! This is an amazing revelation for people like me. The arts have rarely been treated as a necessity to people outside of the arts and this movement is a step towards a new future in music. In my own school I have had to fight to stress the importance of music and I’m just a student! I shouldn’t have to fight for things like that, it should just be offered. No way in hell are the arts simply an extracurricular to forgotten about in the big scheme of things. I’m tired of the world thinking math and science is the only way to go. The arts are completely vital in developing a person’s essential skills. I will go further into it if asked but I will stop myself now before I rant. Just have to be thankful that the Federal Education Policy Draft has recognized us music-lovers and art-lovers. I would say this is a proud day in music history!

Additionally, it’s Jazz Appreciation Month! How are you celebrating Jazz? Who is your favorite Jazz musician? (Gotta love some Frank Sinatra or Gershwins!)

#KeepMusicInOurSchools #JazzAppreciationMonth


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