College Audition Repertoire

Hello internet!

I wish I could say I was better at keeping up at blogging but I would be blatantly lying to you. I am trying to be able to think of better content and put aside time to write these posts but Hannah is unfortunately a lazy person most of the time. So instead I’d like to share with you what I’ve been working on for the past couple months!

As you know, this time of the year is when high school seniors are scrambling to get their college applications sent in–me included. However, I’m not the average high school senior applicant because I am applying as a Music Education major for piano (and also Accounting . . . I’m doubling majoring . . . fun) so I have to do way more things compared to my fellow classmates. I have to prepare at least 3 or 4 songs (most of which have to be memorized) for a college audition in addition to my regular application. YAY COLLEGE! (said no one ever). I would like to share with you what I’ve been spending my time on (rather than blogging here . . . but it’s for a good cause!) so I will leave links and descriptions below! The links are the titles.

Mozart’s Sonata V

This is probably my major audition piece. I am doing the first Allegro movement from this Sonata. I recently got this last month (my teacher decided to change it even though I’ve been working on the other one for about a year . . . FUN!) and have finished about a third of it! I have a countdown going and I have about 80 days until my first audition so Hannah’s pushing herself really hard! Most of my auditions only require the first movement or a fast movement so I am only playing the first movement which goes until about 4:00 in the video. Click the link on the title (Mozart’s Sonata V) for a Youtube video!

Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Minor

I am sooo excited to be playing this piece! I first heard it during my freshman year of high school because in choir we were singing “Mama Who Bore Me” from Spring Awakening. I had really enjoyed the song so I wanted to watch the entire musical so I looked it up on Youtube (this was in I think 2012 so it wasn’t too hard to find being how powerful Youtube was and is). There is one scene where this one character has a piano lesson and he plays the beginning of this prelude and I thought it was really cool! So I tried very hard to find the song he was playing but it was difficult and I couldn’t find it until about a year later. Since then I’ve listened to the prelude and it’s accompanying fugue. My piano teacher bought me the book for the Well Tempered Clavier and gave me options to choose from to learn and so I did C Minor because I had listened to it so many times. Working on it has definitely been a harder task since I have to be able to bring out one voice among three. (Voice. On a piano. Welp, complications already.) But having heard the song previously, it is easier to play because I know the style and how the song goes. I also received this last month 🙂

Chopin’s Minute Waltz (Waltz Op. 64 No.1)

Contrary to popular belief (and my original belief) this song is not meant to be played in a minute! My piano teacher gave me this piece back in June and I’ve had a very fun time trying to work it out. This piece is very fun and expressive (it’s Chopin how can it not be expressive!) and my friends always have fun doing some type of dance to it when I play it at school haha. I have been able to pick out some original stylistic choices and memorize the piece, but I have unfortunately been able to insert all of my emotions and expression into it. My piano teacher says I’m getting there but it can be hard you know? I’m very used to trying to detach myself and not show my true emotions so it’s different to put myself in a vulnerable position just to play a song. But I think that’s what probably what sets people apart in these auditions. It’s easy to detach yourself and not show emotion (ok maybe it isn’t easy but it’s certainly easier) but it’s hard to let go and I think that’s why this is an important piece to really show the judges why I should be accepted.

If you’re curious about whether anyone could actually play this in a minute or under, there is a person! Of course, you can’t exactly hear the beauty of the piece but it’s interesting to watch nonetheless. (Chopin The Minute Waltz in 1 Minute)

I had also been working on Bach’s Invention No. 8 and Mozart’s Sonata No.11 in A Major previously if you’d like to listen to those!

If you’re playing any of these pieces for your college audition, here are some supplementary tools that I’ve found very useful in my learning!

That’s all I have for today unfortunately! If you’d like to see my progress on my audition pieces I’d be happy to put up a video for you, just leave a comment below! Are any of you guys going to be music majors? Or if any of you are music majors, what did you audition with? Did you audition for piano, voice, brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, etc.? If you aren’t a music major or aren’t going to be one, then what is/will be your major? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

Until next time internet!



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