Kate Spade <3

Welp . . . I recognize that it has been awhile since I have made a blog post but I have been really busy and I am so very sorry 😦 I promise I have a list of blog posts to write about . . . I just never have the time to write them all (I have four bullets written down ok?!) This is just a quick update to let you know I have not died . . . (even though it’s only my best friend who kind of follows me around on this thing)

Hello internet!

I recently bought a new purse after waiting for months for it to get marked down enough that I would feel much more confident in purchasing in it! It is indeed from Kate Spade and I wish I could give you the name but I threw away the tag already and it is unavailable from the website and has been for a few months now so instead I will provide pictures hoping that you may see it in your nearest Kate Spade outlet store 🙂

-casually inserts amateur iPhone photos below-

kate spade bag


kate spade purse


photo 5 photo 1










And that is my new purse! It has two pockets on the front inside, and a zipper pocket on the back inside with a magenta/pink lining. I love love love it!

Until next time internet!

Hannah 🙂


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