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If/Then Playbill

Last Sunday, on 7th September I had the pleasure of sitting front row with my mom at Idina Menzel’s Broadway show, If/Then. And when I say front row, I reeeeally mean front row! I could reach out and touch the edge of the stage/pit without moving my back from the back of my chair. My mom didn’t like it so much because it required her to turn her neck up high to see the higher parts of the stage. Of course, I agree with this for the sake of my neck, but for my inner fangirl I found it quite enjoyable. If I really didn’t mind getting in trouble, I probably could have gotten up, reached out and touched Idina’s ankle. How often does someone get to say something like that?!

Right off the bat, you can tell that If/Then is an amazing show simply because Idina is starring in it haha. (Seriously though, she’s amazing!) At first I was a little confused because the show is basically just about the “what if”s in life; the show goes on showing different scenarios depending on what choice Idina’s character, Elizabeth (aka Liz/Beth, depending on the scenario), makes. After awhile into the show, you start to understand the very different situations and wonder which side (of Elizabeth’s story, I mean) you prefer. I found myself wanted one path to be the one she ultimately she chose, but then I would change my mind by intermission and then back during the middle of the second act! Very engaging. The music was phenomenal, and reminded me a lot of the Next to Normal music, but I believe they’re from the same director so it’s to be expected. You definitely get to see a lot of Idina’s wonderful high range. She’s just as amazing live as she is in recordings!

I wish I could go back -tears-. I came into school on Tuesday wearing the shirt I bought from the little store (the design was being discontinued so I got it for $15! Woo!) and got lots of compliments and questions about the show, it was great. I readily recommended it to everyone, although I wouldn’t recommend taking small children, or children in general due to the fact that Act One has a song titled “What The Fuck?” (which was quite a good song, mind you). Anyways, that’s just my brief take on the musical!

This weekend I will be going on a retreat with my choir so that’s really exciting! Hopefully I can make a post or two about it! I already have a list of blog post ideas lined up so I just need to get around to writing it! I promise there’s a half written post about my birthday week with my best friend. 🙂

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