Good evening internet!

I bring great news that I was supposed to post yesterday but completely forgot . . . ūüėÄ

So yesterday I was watching TV and I passed by the Disney Channel real quickly (I was like two shows ok shhhh), and usually I don’t pay mind to the Disney Channel because their content hasn’t been the best I believe that it could be but something caught my attention.

Most people, or at least maybe the ones who pay attention haha, recognize that the world is slowly trying to become more S.T.E.M. oriented (meaning “Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.) and although I guess that’s all right, the world seems to think it’s even more all right to push away things like the arts (meaning music, art, dance, theatre, etc). This makes me really angry and upset seeing as I often get looked down upon by my family because I do not wish to pursue a career in anything S.T.E.M. (or medical) oriented. So this commercial or short or whatever it was popped up and I immediately groaned inwardly to myself, “Ugh, please not this stuff,” but then I saw S.T.E.A.M.¬†and was thrown a bit in a loop. Disney Channel included an “A” which stands for Arts and I sat there on my couch with my mouth gaping open. I had never been more proud of the Disney Channel than at that moment. They continued to rave about how important science, math¬†AND¬†the arts were. You can imagine my joy and giddiness.

There are¬†way¬†too many people in the world (especially in this country) that are trying to squash the arts programs out of the schools and I really hate that that’s happening because the arts are so so sooo important too. It’s so annoying to know that I¬†have to fight so much for the arts programs to even my own¬†parents.¬†I¬†hate that I have to fight to prove to the world that the arts are as important as science and math, but I¬†need to do this because some people are just really ignorant and I am going to sound really repetitive, but the arts are so important. General music classes are just as necessary as media literacy classes and no one recognizes that. Hell, even the English and History departments are failing in comparison to Science and Math. Why does this have to be the case? I’m not trying to say that the arts should be treated better than science and math (no matter how much I wish that could happen) but hell the arts deserve to be treated rightfully equal. There have been¬†so¬†many times that these arts programs have saved my friends and I from any of the problems going on in our lives. It pains me–no, it actually hurts my heart that people cannot dare to see how much the arts programs matter to people. I will fight for the arts forever. One day, things will change.

So thank you Disney Channel. Thank you for this commercial. It really made my day.



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