Me Me Me

Hello internet!

My name is Hannah.

In a world filled to the brim with frenzied social media, I decided to add myself to the experience . . . but away from the judging eyes of my schoolmates and anyone else who may know me. Maybe I’ll reveal it after some time, but for now it’s just you and me, WordPress. 🙂

If it’s going to be you and I for awhile (and maybe a viewer or two but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, hm?), you should get to know me!


I love music! So much. I have been dabbling in guitar for 6 years, playing piano for 6 years and singing (for real haha) for almost 5 years now. I used to play violin for 5 years until I gave it up to join my school’s choir! I’ve been in choir since my 8th grade year and am now just about to begin my senior year of high school. I love my high school choir like no other. I have made a few friends who I hope will last me my whole life because even though they annoy the hell out of me sometimes, I still love them because they put up with me haha. Not only have I found great friends, I have found a great mentor. My choir teacher has been guiding me along through not only music, but a few life difficulties, from my first day as a timid, introverted little freshman, to a not-exactly-extroverted but definitely more confident (still on the short side) senior. She has introduced me into a world of music and pure joy, and for that I will never be able to thank her enough . . . that or she may find me a little weird if I said it how many times I wanted to. But besides that, I love music and choir and musical theatre (not that I act and dance . . . I’m perfectly content sitting in the pit or in the audience singing along) and all of the things that come with it. I am currently the president of our Choir Council, secretary for our school’s chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, co-founder and music arranger of our school a cappella group “Noteriety”, accompanist for our various choirs, and now student teacher for our Beginning Women’s Chorus! Yikes, that sounds like I’m trying to brag . . . I promise I’m not!! I just really love choir! I hope to earn a bachelor’s degree in Music Education after high school 🙂

harry potter

I love reading! From this picture, you can definitely tell that I love the Harry Potter series. I was introduced to it in the 4th grade when my teacher would read each book to our class and then show the corresponding movie in class. I think we either stopped after the fourth book or were in the middle of the fourth book! I remember being really excited when my parents bought me the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD for Christmas because it was rated PG-13 and I wasn’t even 13 haha! My room is filled with shelves and boxes of books. It’s so wonderful to be taken away from our world if only for a moment to immerse yourself in the main protagonist’s world. If I only I could go to Hogwarts!! Or Camp Half-Blood! I hope that when I get to live in my own home I’ll be able to make a room into my own private library, with shelves adorning each wall and books filling every nook and cranny! Unfortunately I wish I could have the same joy about books when I’m forced to do my school district’s summer reading projects 😦 Thankfully this is my last year of those hah!

To be completely honest, I could go on and on about everything that I love (I love so many things!!! . . . maybe TOO many things . . .) but music and reading stand out the most. You’ll be able to learn about these things that I love as my blog progresses and hopefully I’ll actually keep up with this one! I can be a little lazy . . . oops. But that’s me and almost every other teenager on the planet.

I’ll see you around, internet. Until next time!



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