Pokémon Go: The Entryway to Pokémon for Beginners

Hey friends!!

If you haven’t been living under a rock the past couple days, you’ll have heard about Pokemon Go, much to the infatuation and also chagrin of others (although I will never understand the latter). Now I have been playing Pokemon since I was old enough to, I’m pretty sure Pokemon Red, Blue and Green came out in the US in 1998 (I was born in 1997!!) Obviously I wasn’t playing Pokemon at 1 year old (lol I wish), I had a friend born in 1990 so yay!! My first Pokemon game was actually Pokemon Yellow!! And then after that it was Fire Red, Diamond & Pearl (…yes…both…), Y, Alpha Sapphire, and soon Moon (don’t try to tell me Lunala doesn’t look majestic and awesomely galactic). In addition to that, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Team….I didn’t play the latter until last year and to be honest, it’s a little much for me so I haven’t really played through it much. Don’t ask me why I didn’t play gen 2 and gen 3 when it first came out, apparently gen 2 went completely under my radar and I was just never able to buy the original Ruby or Sapphire(??? not sure how). We also don’t talk about gen 5, ever, pls.

OK well after that nerdy debriefing about my history with Pokemon, let’s get on to the game!! I’m not going to give you any tips and tricks because c’mon, there is more than enough websites, YouTube videos, and Snapchat news stories telling how to curveball your Pokeball throw, or how to level up quickly from level 5 to 20, or how to get Pikachu as your starter.

What I want to tell you is that if you are someone who has not ever played Pokemon and you kind of want to start, but you think you might be too overwhelmed to jump straight into such a large franchise (600+ Pokemon, dear god. I used to be able to name all 493 in order….not sure that I had a life), fear not!! Pokemon Go is a super accessible game to getting yourself involved in the Pokemon universe because it only tackles the original 151, and you’ll find yourself stuck with the same 3 or 4 Pokemon if you live in a suburban area LOL. No, but really, as much as I hate the people who have started playing Pokemon Go acting as if they follow the series regularly and try to talk highly of things they know (i.e. wanting to catch a Pokemon that isn’t even in the original 151………c’mon) (that sounded really snobby. I’m sorry, it isn’t meant to be LOL)

Moving away from this tangent, if it has been awhile for you, or it hasn’t been for you at all and you really just want to see what it’s all about, try Pokemon Go! The thing about Pokemon Go is that it is actually VERY different from the regular games and doesn’t involve all the battle strategy and game mechanics that you would have to learn in the regular game. Pokemon Go is much more simplified and appeals to the completion-ist complex that most of us have; we want things to be complete which is exactly how you’ll feel about filling your PokeDex (that’s basically your encyclopedia of Pokemon, it starts blank and it gets updated as you catch more and more Pokemon!) Catching Pokemon is based a little less on strategy (in the games you’ll battle wild Pokemon and try to get their health low without “killing” them before you try to catch them), and based more on calculating your throw and timing right. I hope that as the game progresses they will add the regular strategy to make it more like Pokemon, but this is a good introduction for new fans!

Although I’m not personally tempted to go walk about to find illustrious Pokemon, a lot of people are, which is cool! It’s awesome to see adults and children alike be involved in such a cultural icon for people my age. If you’re on the fence about Pokemon, or just plain annoyed about everyone talking about it, don’t shut it out completely, try it! Times recently have been very difficult and grief-stricken and a lot of people have been separated, arguing over personal and political values. Pokemon is becoming an awesome bridge of understanding through these tough times. I hope that you, reader, will give it a chance if you haven’t already!

Below, I’ll include screenshots of the actual game aside from those screenshots of people seeing Pokemon through their cameras because I assume you’ve seen enough, haha. These screenshots are a compilation of screenshots from when I first got the game (July 10, I wanted to avoid the bugs and server crashes) on my iPhone 5S, and when I got my new iPhone 6S (literally the next day LOL). I recently just got to level 5 so I will update this later with gym screenshots because I’m writing this post in the morning so I haven’t gone anywhere yet.

Anyway, thanks so much for reading! It’s been so busy over here on my end (I met Stephen Amell and Katrina Law on July 2 at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ!!), hopefully a post will be coming soon talking about HVFF if any of you are hoping to go to San Jose, Atlanta, Orlando, London, or NJ in the future! See you guys next time!

13 July 2016

Photo Descriptions: [Set 1, Top Middle]: My starter!! When you start the game, you are always offered your first Pokemon (called your “starter”), which is always a water-type, fire-type, or grass-type. I personally usually go for water or fire, except in gen 2, I get Chikorita 🙂  It is also possible to get Pikachu instead likening it to Pokemon Yellow, but you can look it up elsewhere to figure that out.
[Set 1, Bottom Right]: This is the character customization screen before you start the game.
[Set 2, Photo 1]: This is the maximized screen of the little tiny white flag in the bottom right corner of the game screenshots. It shows you what Pokemon are nearby and feature little 1-3 foot prints underneath giving an indication to how far away a Pokemon may be. It doesn’t indicate direction but it gives you an idea of distance.
[Set 2, Photo 2]: In the upper right corner there is a big tower with a blue icon on top of it. This indicated a gym that is currently occupied by the blue Team aka Team Mystique. At gyms, your team (either Mystique, Valor or Instinct or Blue, Red, Yellow subsequently) can claim that gym and defend it while the other two teams can battle to try and claim it as well. If your team claims it you can also train your Pokemon there.

Exploring Somerville, New Jersey

Hi friends!!

Today I made the extra difficult task of making plans to hang out with my friend, Sabrina! I’m not say that it’s hard to hang out with her, but if you’re a person who finds it difficult to find the courage in yourself to hang out with other people or just go out of your way to make plans with others, then you understand my problems haha. This summer I’ve been trying extra hard to get myself more comfortable in these types of situations—don’t get me wrong, I’m often alright when it comes to hanging out with people, at least one-on-one (I struggle with group interaction still)—but it’s sort of the lead up to hanging out. I almost wanted to just reschedule because we couldn’t decide what to do and all my fear alerts were just going off (LOL sorry Sabrina if you read this!) but I pushed myself through anyway and we ended up having a good time exploring!

So these are some of my best photos of the day, I hope you’ll pull yourself off that computer and find the gems in your area! Also keep in mind that none of these photos have been edited, I haven’t put the raw images through photoshop, I just took the JPEGs (nobody judge me LOL). I recognize that your shot can look so much better with much more work put into them because obviously hard work pays off, but sometimes I’m still astounded by the color in some photos, as well as the lack thereof. Sometimes the photo looks really gray and I think that’s kind of cool! In the future I’ll learn how to do the photography thing better, but for now…


P.S. I’m really picky so that’s why there’s only like 6 photos LOL. I’ll take 40 photos and only be satisfied with 6, it happens so much!

23 June 2016


Searching for Japanese Pen Pal!!

Hey friends!

If it isn’t made evident by the title, I am on the look out for a Japanese-speaking pen pal (sorry if you were actually just part Japanese and assumed I was actually looking for a pen pal to talk to of Japanese descent LOL, this isn’t the case). Anyways, why am I searching?? Because I’m currently trying to learn Japanese as of the last two weeks!! I actually tried learning back when I was 10 years old which was many years ago, but somehow I’ve still retained some of my knowledge so it feels a little easier this time. I’m starting off very basic though and first trying to learn Kana and just be able to read (and speak but that’s part of my retained knowledge, I just need to practice reading fluidly)! I am learning some vocabulary at the same time but I’m making reading and writing my priority. Now I know some people will think that I shouldn’t take the time to learn how to write since we have such great technology at our hands but I personally think it could help solidify my memory and plus, I still hand-write, like, everything!!

But enough of that, I’m hoping to make a new friend who is a native Japanese speaker to help me learn the nuances and colloquialisms of modern Japanese rather than sticking to the formal books y’know?

I know this is isn’t a normal blog post and probably more like an advertisement haha but I thought I would try anyway! So if anyone is willing to take on a poor little Filipino-American girl who speaks only English, elementary French, and half-understands Tagalog (awkward), please leave me a comment below telling me about yourself and stuff! If you happen to be a Japanese person who wants to learn English, I really would not mind helping you out with English either! I will try to find a way to contact you and hopefully we can get this show on the road!

Thank you so much!! ありがとうございます!

If no one answers this will be a little awkward and I will probably delete this post out of shame….LOL

19 June 2015


East Jersey Olde Towne Village

Now that the school year is over, I have found myself in possession of A LOT more free time. One day I texted up my friend and made her come take some pictures with me at the East Jersey Olde Towne Village in Piscataway, NJ. It isn’t an actual village that people live in, don’t worry. It’s more like an old historical site for tours and stuff, but obviously we went after hours. So here are my photos!! Please don’t take them and claim that as yours 😦 I mean, that’s assuming they’re any good hahaha


P.S. this last one is just for laughs, haha. she was taking a picture of the tree so I took one of her AND the tree!

15 May 2015

Review: NEST Fragrances

Hello friends!! Back again!!

So if you’re from the US, you remember that every year there is this one-day event called Black Friday….and if you’re from outside the US maybe you remember it’s horror stories, I am shrugging to myself because I don’t really know what non-Americans think of our consumerism-based holiday haha. So why am I writing about something that happened in late November??? Five months ago??? (It’s crazy how it’s already the end of March by the way).

I’m pretty sure you can already tell why I’m writing about this, but why am I writing it so late, you ask? Dearest reader, it’s because I didn’t want to give you a review of something I hadn’t spent a lot of time with. I have spent a lot of times with these fragrances. They are cute little rollerballs perfect to carry around in your handbag (or pocket, y’know, if you’re a girl blessed with actual pockets and that’s just something you choose to carry).

Verde – this actually reminds me a lot of one of the Ted Baker fragrances that I wrote about last year! It was either Mia or Ella — the black one bottle one! It feels a little forest-y now that I think about it; it’s quite a “mature” scent, it isn’t really fresh or light but definitely stronger. Maybe a little stronger than the Ted Baker fragrance but it could be due to the fact that it’s a rollerball fragrance in a 0.2 fl oz bottle so it is very compacted.

Dahlia & Vines – I actually really like this scent, it’s very fresh and light (quite the opposite of our friend above us haha). It feels summer-y and sweet and all things nice, like if I had to give it a physical attribution it would be pink lemonade if that makes sense. It doesn’t smell like pink lemonade but I was thinking of what color I would give it and I just think of pink lemonade….does anyone else have trouble describing scents?? As you can see, I do…

Indigo – this literally smells like a bath bomb. It smells like the lush store…and a little more lavender.. I think. It also kind of smells like grape Flavor-Ice. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the long plastic of ice that people eat in the summer. Sometimes they would provide it in elementary and middle school?? I once got it in college at a fair simply for being a commuter?? LOL. I would smell this to relive the days of childhood innocence but probably not as a perfume..

That’s really all I have to say about that, maybe I’ll get better at describing scents eventually! The size is really convenient and such a great value for only $10 worth (thank you Black Friday!!!) I will see you guys in my next blog post, happy April!! 🙂

1 April 2016


Why I Haven’t Posted In a Month

Good afternoon friends (or good morning or evening, depending on where you’re from of course)!

There’s a reason why I haven’t made a new blog post and it isn’t just because I never had the time or was too lazy or didn’t have any ideas because believe me, I’ve wanted to write for a long time. February 17 to about March 14 were extremely hectic for me and that is because my grandmother passed away on February 17. I know that’s no excuse to just stop doing things but it hit me really hard. It still does if it’s the right trigger. My grandmother was and is an extremely hard-working, humorous, interesting, didactic, independent, caring, and thoughtful 82-year-old woman. She didn’t actually make it to be 82, her birthday is April 11 but it’s her 82nd year, we’ll just say she’s 82. About 9 days after her passing, my family and I all traveled back home to Philippines for her internment. To say the least it was a very poignant and sad day on March 2 when we buried her next to my grandpa. He died in 1985 so I never got a chance to meet him — not quite sure if I consider that a positive or a negative? Negative that I didn’t get to know him, but positive that it’s one less person I have to say goodbye to in my lifetime?

That was really negative, my apologies. However, through all of this, I did get to know my cousins in the Philippines more and spend a lot of time with them. There was also lots of pink at the burial ceremony, Grandma likes pink. I remember visiting her in the hospital after she had a mild stroke and got a small case of pneumonia and wearing this bright pink sweater and she liked it a lot and I told her I’d get her a sweater of the same color. I never did, but I always get compliments when I wear that sweater. It’s not as if it’s super detailed and memorable because it’s actually a quite plain sweater, but I suppose it’s the color that is the memorable part. It’s a nice sweater.

Besides that though, I spent two weeks in the Philippines and by the way, during that time I actually got credit card fraud! I suspect it was the slightly suspicious man who worked at the Hudson News at the airport when I bought plane snacks for my brother and I. It’s resolved for the most part though…just waiting for a new credit card since I had to cancel that one. I forgot how hard it was to walk around just carrying cash and paying for everything with cash! No idea how I did financing before I got my credit card two years ago.

I’m really bad at staying on topic if you haven’t already noticed? Haha. After I got back from the Philippines, I spent SO long trying to get over jet lag because if you aren’t aware, the Philippines is on the other side of the world and in the same time zone as Hong Kong, so it was 13 hours ahead of EST because of Daylight Savings. What all this means is that I was on a flight/in an airport for a total of about 26 – 28 hours, and I tried really hard to stay awake through all of that so I could arrive home at night and just go straight to sleep. I thought I could beat jet lag because I usually have in the past, but wow it did not work at all this time. There were two days the week of March 14 that I just didn’t sleep at all for 30 hours. It was tough on my body, I would be so awake for hours and then just want to crash but I knew I couldn’t if I wanted to get back on schedule. If anyone has any jet lag tips, please let me know below!!! Because apparently, I don’t have any.

Right now, I’m back in school, trying to get into the swing of things — I had a random phase of waking up at 5am every morning for a few days…it was cool because I felt like a morning person but unfortunately college does not allow for me to be a morning person when I have a choir class that has a rehearsal from 7 – 9:30 PM requiring me to come home at 10 PM. Not good for waking up at 5 AM.

That’s really all I have to say about this so I’ll stop blabbering but I will share photos from my trip as well as that Magic Kingdom post I owe you, but we’ll see how I do 😉

I’ve also started daily vlogging but as I don’t live a very exciting life every day, I only do it on days when I know I’m going to be doing things or hanging out with other people. I do carry my camera anyway just in case. I post them on YouTube as unlisted so if any of you are curious and would like to check it out, shoot me a message or e-mail! I’d like to talk with any of you guys in general. I’ll see you next time.

P.S. HAPPY MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS MONTH! Thank your music teacher.

24 March 2016

Non-Committal: Job Edition

Are there any other students (high school or university) that has trouble with the prospect of committing to a job whilst studying in school????????

Hi friends,

That was seven thousand too many question marks…sorry. In all realness and honesty though, I want a job. Do I?? Or do I just want money? Probably the latter because let’s be real, who doesn’t want money, but am I emotionally ready to give up 6+ hours of my time on a given day in order to get that money? I’m thankful that I’m in a position where I don’t have an immediate necessity for that money other than for personal material desires and not to pay phone bills or car insurance or rent or any of those things that come with adulthood. It’s not as if I’m not capable of working a job because I know I am as I have done work…but my extent of work is week long piano/voice camps and devoting my school time to hard work in my choir program. Nothing too extreme…but is a part-time job even extreme?!?!? No!!! But I can’t push myself to do it!! Every summer since I turned 16 (which was actually about 10 months later since my birthday is right after summer ends….bummer) I have compiled job applications and filled them out (mostly) and yet NEVER submitted them! I’m almost positive that I have probably just put them off with an excuse of being too young (or I just always did that stuff too late, I don’t remember quite well).

Is it because I subconsciously think that school should come first? Have my parents instilled some type of fear in my system that I don’t quite know about because I’ve never had to pay mind to it?? Maybe I’m too focused and determined for my future job (let’s hope I’m teaching music!) that I don’t think I should commit myself to any other type of job because if you look at my past job(s)….I’m teaching music! I’ve wanted to babysit but since I don’t know anyone under the age of 14 and practically everyone’s parents are much more trusting and lenient than mine were (..are?) none of them need babysitters and my parents don’t even have friends with children young enough for babysitting, I’m a bit shit out of luck there. I also want to teach piano lessons but apparently my mom doesn’t want me giving lessons at my piano in our house…. yep. I’ve tried approaching some of my students from when I did student option last year but most of them are busy with the school musical so if I have any prospect there I have to wait at least another month.

So in my head I’ve concocted that I could do freelance jobs!!!!!!……”like what,” she says an afterthought. If I could get paid for writing blog posts that’d be GREAT, but not all of us are Zoella or Tanya Burr, are we? I’d love to get sent free stuff or sent to cool places and have to write posts about them but again, we’re not all that lucky.

Years ago when I first started arranging music, I thought to myself, “Wow! If I keep this up, I could sell my arrangements for extra money!” To be honest, I still think I could, but again, I have been so noncommittal with them lately and just have a bunch of unfinished arrangements. I don’t know what it is, but it’s becoming frustrated.

Am I just meant to be a student for the rest of my life? Who knows?! I don’t!! Please, if anyone could shed some light on this issue, I would really appreciate any advice (so long as it’s positive…which all of you have been so far but you never know when a bad seed might appear y’know?)

13 February 2016

Disney World: Epcot!!

Hi friends!!

It’s Friday yet again and I miss Disney so much 😦 College life is going on as normal unfortunately, but the memory of these photos live on (that sounded really cheesy didn’t it?) Thankfully I had already gone to Disney World with my high school music program in April of 2015, so I knew exactly what I wanted to see and where I wanted to go! There are so many pictures that it’s hard to pick a few but hopefully I can make you feel like I actually went to these countries and not just Epcot!

I threw in a picture of me and the bae….MAX!! Baymax is a brand new addition to Epcot (thank god!) and they’re going to expand his little photo area to a whole San Fransokyo, it’s going to be great! Sorry it’s not as many photos as Harry Potter World but I am ready to impress for Magic Kingdom (I haven’t actually looked at the photos in awhile so I’m hoping that I can live up to my words!!)

Be ready for Magic Kingdom photos next yay!

29 January 2016

Harry Potter World!!

Hello friends!

I realize that I am two posts behind. Friday the 15th was busy because it was the day before my plane ride back home from Florida, and the day after was exhausting. Then this past Friday the 22nd, blizzard time for the East Coast!! My internet was on the frizz so even though it’s still going on now…let’s attempt to post this anyway.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is probably the highlight of Universal Studios…okay not probably, it is the highlight. I would walk through the rest of the park and see a normal crowd of people but once you hit HP, dear god!! So many people!! But you know what, I didn’t even care all that much because you know that no one’s really there for the crowd, everyone is there to experience this little world based on a few books Jo Rowling wrote. It was incredible and since I went surrounding the death of the beloved Alan Rickman, everyone was so thoughtful about the current situation and it was just great. I’ll stop talking about my sappy feelings and include my pictures–

23 January 2016

P.S. there will be a post for all my Disney World photos.